10 Most Amusing “Poses” In Our Relationships

While many of us occasionally recall nostalgic moments from single life, there is no doubt that the times we share with our beloved spouses are one of the greatest highs of our lives. Along with these highlights, the honeymoon and the birth of children, for example, our relationship life is full of moments that are less exciting, but also have a certain charm and if you know how to look good, then also a funny side. This is exactly what excited the artists Simon Rich and Perley Katz, who decided to present all those amusing and funny situations that make up the relationships between men and women, and their book “The Kama Sutra of Marriage” is the funny product of their wonderful work. Each of the following pictures shows a moment that almost every couple is familiar with the art style of the love rituals and poses of the Kama Sutra theory, and you will be surprised to discover how much fun they are in fidelity to reality …

The spur position

The best time for this pose is when one of the household members thinks it has been a long time since the house was properly cleaned, and the other side thinks not. It is not surprising to find that this is a very common pose …
Instructions: The wife is usually the one who initiates this pose, by trying to get to the dust which is under the sofa on which her husband is sitting, and by doing so show him that he too should participate in the work of cleaning.

The Dishwasher position

The most preferred position among couples who prefer to experience games of control over their relationship. Instructions: The man takes the initiative and tries to fill the dishwasher himself. The moment he stands with the plate in his hand, the woman arrives and remarks to him that he is doing it wrong and from there the story warms up …

Fresh air position

This pose is very popular with couples who are together for a long time, and is not recommended for young and inexperienced couples.
Instructions: The man releases air from his lower body and continues to act as if everything is normal. The woman does not comment on this, but collects more items for herself in the list of “repulsive things he does.”

The comparative analysis position

If you have a couple of good friends who are not ashamed to reveal themselves to you, this is the most recommended position for you. You will not believe how much it will help your relationship! Instructions: Go out to dinner with another couple, wait for the moment when they start arguing about a particular problem and then hold each other’s hand, look into each other’s eyes and remind yourself that it could be worse.

The 2 + 1 position

A classic pose for couples who have small children who have already learned how to get out of bed on their own.
Instructions: You get into bed together after you have managed to find a time when you are not too tired or busy and just then your child bursts into the room screaming because he heard a frightening noise from the direction of the closet in his room.

Third wheel position

This position is especially effective if the husband has gained some excess weight, avoided going to the gym and started to show a clear preference for position number 3. Instructions: Instead of asking her husband to move the heavy furniture, fix a leak in the sink or take something out from under the fridge, the wife chooses to bring a young neighbor or man A handsome profession that will do it in its place. Of course in order to perform the task the extra man has to take off his shirt so that the husband will be given the opportunity to stare at his abdominal muscles and examine himself in comparison to him.

Shopping position

The most favorite pose for women of all ages, though it does require upper body muscle activation.
Instructions: This pose is especially preferred by the wife in situations where she insists that her husband should buy new clothes because his favorite pair of pants is soon celebrating a jubilee, while the husband physically resists when she tries to push him into the shopping center closest to their place of residence.

Dexterity pose

Technology has entered all areas of our lives and it also affects relationships … Instructions: This is a position of extremely high difficulty, during which the husband shuts down his computer or puts the phone aside quickly and tries to smile naturally when his wife unexpectedly enters the room.

The “Kids at Grandma’s” Pose

Everyone who has experienced it agrees that it is one of the best poses there is, but it requires advance planning and sometimes a meeting with the in-laws …

Instructions: Leave the kids with Grandma in order to spend some quality time together. Eat good food, drink great wine and go to bed with one and only goal: to gain 8 hours of great sleep.

Football game pose

Even in the best relationship, sometimes each party has to take care to please himself …

Instructions: Agree to stay home alone so your husband can go out and watch a soccer game with friends. Wait for the moment when he will leave the house and then enter a warm and relaxing bath, two glasses of wine and without the continuation of the evening in a pleasant and calm way.


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