10 signs that it’s not the time to end the relationship

Relationships are a wonderful, exhausting and complex. They are an experience of constant learning, constant compromise, openness and boundless love, in which two different worlds meet, collide and shape together a new charming thing. However, naturally even the greatest and most stable relationships know ups and downs, obstacles and bumps, with the secret being knowing how to overcome crises, overcome them wisely and continue to keep the embers burning incessantly. If you are experiencing a difficult time in the relationship and feel that your energy for keeping is running low, try to look for the following 10 signs that will hint to you that it is not yet time to give up the wonderful relationship you have in your hands.

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1. You love who you have become thanks to this relationship
It is true that sometimes we just do not feel like dealing with crises in a relationship anymore and sometimes the only thing we really want is the peace and quiet we remember from our bachelor days. But at the same time it is also important that we remind ourselves of the ways in which our spouse has contributed to us and shaped our current character. Relationships have the power to change us beyond recognition, to mature us and make us do everything for another person’s happiness. If you feel that you have become a better person because of this relationship and that you are not willing to give up even a pinch of the qualities you have gained over the years, then there is no doubt that this is a relationship worth fighting for.

  1. You still enjoy the little moments together
    There is nothing more enjoyable than spending time with your spouse in a fancy restaurant or a reputable hotel, but remember these are the little things that make your relationship so wonderful and special. It can be your time to watch your favorite TV show, it can be the breakfast you have together every weekend and it can even be the short conversation in the evening, where you exchange personal experiences from the long working day. If despite the difficult period you still find interest in these special moments, then your relationship may be experiencing a shake-up, but it is still strong and stable.
  1. You are in a crisis in a relationship due to specific circumstances only
    In a crisis, it is recommended that you separate two possible factors that may obscure your relationship – is it your inability to contain and accept your spouse as they are, or external factors that pass over time? If you have chosen the latter option, then it is important to remind yourself that in a relationship, the lives of two souls are directly affected whenever one spouse experiences a crisis; It can be a quarrel of one of the spouses with his family and it can be a difficult time that one of the spouses experiences in his workplace. Your relationship may now be affected by a one-off event that floods with negative emotions and may stir up arguments, but if love and inclusion are still arbitrary and existent, then you have other great days of happiness and peace just around the corner.
  1. You feel with each other “at home”
    Sometimes we just have to trust our gut feeling and realize that apart from logic, emotions also play a major role which can guide us to do the right thing. If you are always comfortable with your spouse and consider them despite the difficult period, as the safe place to return to every day, do not take it for granted. A relationship in which you feel open and protected with your spouse is the result of a long and drawn-out process that indicates the degree of trust and appreciation that exists between you, and it is definitely an achievement that you should maintain at all costs.
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  1. You experience more ups than downs
    In a quarrel or crisis, it is difficult not to address only the negative sides of the relationship and this is a natural and human tendency that we all experience. But in these difficult moments, it is recommended that you try to transcend the night of floating emotions and remind yourself that in hindsight everyday life with your spouse is wonderful and continuous in peaceful and relaxed moments. Is a sullen look the main characteristic of your relationship or is it a small, implicit smile? Do not let the slopes dictate the pace, as falling off a slope is much faster than climbing a steep and sloping ascent.
  1. You know a person close to both of you who does not think that a breakup is the right way for you
    It is true that outsiders do not see everything that is going on between you and your spouse, but if it is a mutual and close friend he or she may be able to give you a more objective opinion that will cool the feelings of resentment a little at the moment and signify that you have won a relationship. Therefore, do not be in a hurry to dismiss the opinions of others and remember that while a relationship is expressed inwardly between the couple, it also radiates its negativity or its positivism towards passersby and tells its true story whether you want it or not.
  1. You are willing to compromise with each other
    One of the most prominent and important characteristics in any healthy and respectful relationship is the willingness of each spouse to compromise for the different needs of the other and adapt to them. This can be manifested in fulfilling the various household chores, in your attempt to change certain habits inherent in you that obscure the relationship and in a variety of other situations. If this is the case in your relationship despite your current crisis, it means that you both know when is the right moment to sacrifice yourself for the sake of the other and that you want the good of the other at all costs. Do not give up so quickly on this wonderful and precious treasure.
  1. You quarrel only about marginal things
    There is no doubt that an endless quarrel over which TV show you will watch in the living room or what you will eat for dinner can draw a lot of energy from you and cause quite a bit of frustration. Sometimes, it is precisely these quarrels that make us want to give up, break the tools and stop this relentless war of attrition. But you should also ask yourself – are we arguing about the things that really matter to us? Do our quarrels revolve around conflicting values ​​and beliefs? Quarrels are an integral part of any relative system and you may really need to work on it, but if you still share a common worldview, then there is an opening here for an accepting, understanding and healthy relationship.
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  1. You are attentive to each other
    The ability to listen is without a doubt one of the strongest foundations in any relationship. It is not just about listening to stories about the different events you both experienced during the day, but about your ability to be attentive to the different things that are bothering your spouse even if they do not say so directly. Open communication and attention to the other is an invaluable treasure, and if this is possible in your relationship then there is always a chance that you will know how to overcome the various crises in your life and prevent their recurrence.
  1. You still manage to see a common future together
    When faced with a teacher on the way, it is important to look up and see the goal standing on the other side, and in exactly the same way a healthy relationship that encounters along its way in countless different marital crises should be treated. You may be facing a difficult and complex period right now and having a hard time finding your inner resources to overcome it, but if you still manage to paint a clear and clear picture of the near and distant future together, then you are not really ready to give up your wonderful relationship so easily.
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