14 Horrible Dating habits that must be erased by the next decade!

Generic messages, gifs as an opening line and knights who come to pick you up on the scooter:14 Hated dating habits that you should leave behind. It’s not enough that love, relationships and dating are a complicated thing, the current decade has raised the level of distress and added us apps and habits – some terrible – that made us miss the previous decade which was much more innocent, at least digitally. Here are some of these horrible habits.

Repeated text
There’s no women who hasn’t received the generic message at least once: “Hey, I’d love to meet.” This flightless message is usually written several times in a row by the same person, who for some reason has a hard time accepting the fact that if you did not reply to him the first time, you will not answer even the fifth time. Please friends, stop it. Love to recycle? Why not go for bottles?

Gif of a bear waving goodbye
Starting a conversation in gifs is a cute and ice-breaking thing, but come on, there’s not so much how to respond to a bear’s giggle waving you to say hello. In short, so that it does not become a disgusting thing, for the next decade keep the gifs for more correct moments in your correspondence please.

Picture of a ring
With the invention of Facebook and its sophistication (such as uploading photos directly from the mobile), the couples in Israel discovered that as soon as they got engaged, they had to upload a photo of a finger with a ring on it, along with the disgusting caption “She said yes.” Enough, just enough. You ate our heads and also our hearts.

ring on finger
“Save the date” my single friends!

Russian roulette
Men used to go into a bar and scan with their eyes all the girls in space. Today, on Tinder, they do the same thing – click “Like” for everyone and then choose from the “matches” the one they like best. Say, don’t your hand hurt? Besides, stop! You do not understand that you are just misleading a lot of women who then expect you to write to them or respond to the message they send you? Please click “Like” only on who you really like and who you really intend to talk to. Is there such a situation?
And women, you’ll be wrong, too. Why do you rush to deny men without even checking if they wrote something interesting, and only on the basis of one bad picture? The haste from the devil, and just as many men automatically click on the “Like”, we too have a tendency to automatically click on the “Like”.
Because it seems to us that everyone is available today, when someone suddenly disappears it is even more noticeable. If you started dating and even just corresponded with someone and stopped one day to reply to his messages, you are making him one of the most insulting and disrespectful moves a person can make in the dating arena today – “Ghosting”, and you should stop behaving like that before Scout Grant makes you special in ” Lost. ” By the way, in the US there is already a reality format looking for singles who disappeared from the ground after a date, so see you were warned.

Does not answer as a principle
We no longer live in a time when we receive messages through mail or letters with a stamp. Today everything is available and fast, and people who intentionally take the time until they respond to the messages sent to them on WhatsApp or the various dating apps, mostly abusing the other side who sat, drafted a message and waited impatiently for a reply. So get advice for the next decade: you’d better answer straight away, even an unambiguous laconic message, instead of letting people who like you wait, often for whole days.
The sweep craze
This era has created a severe addiction of people who do not stop transferring profiles on Tinder. Men and women, straight or not, in the middle of a Sunday church, while meeting with the guys, during a university lecture and even when their best friend pours out their heart to them. Maybe that’s enough ?! Tinder has become an addictive and alienating habit, destroying friendships and treating love life as a game. Too bad.

man using dating app
Stop swiping like crazy!

A lot of people will disagree with us, but get a point to think about: settling for sexting (exchanging erotic messages) with a casual / regular partner may close a corner for you, but also encourages laziness. How about some love of flesh and blood? Do not settle for “sex” based on written words. Real intimacy needs two people (or more, if you’re in the segment) without the smartphone in the middle.
Embarrassing leak
Next to sexting, if your partner asks you to send him a nude photo of you, it is better that you avoid it and if you do, try to send only a body photo detached from the face. Leaks and break-ins have been and will be, and you really do not want your nude photo to reach your family on WhatsApp.
The knight on the scooter
The knight on the white horse abandoned the horse and this year equipped himself with a cooperative scooter, and so more and more couples hugged on scooters popping up on the roads, how to say? Some endanger themselves. With all due respect, going on a date and continuing to live after it is not such a big request.

man on scooter
“Need a lift, gorgeous?”

Frauds and online scams
Ask thousands of women and men who opened their hearts this year to a character who does not really exist. Once upon a time crooks had to work hard, physically move around and see who around them they could break their heart (and bank account). Today they hunt victims on a romantic background without making any effort at all. The subject is not funny and one should only hope that even in this case, awareness will increase and people will not fall for the bait so easily.
Heart emoji is not a substitute for love
The fact that he sent you an emoji of a heart does not replace the “I love you” and the fact that she sent you an emoji of a smile does not really express her satisfaction. Do not let our multiple use of emojis exchange intentions or feelings. In the next decade, try to express yourself with the help of language as well. Of course we would recommend you talk in private, but we’ll wait with that.

Embarrassing screenshots
Girls, sorry, it’s mostly for this: in every bunch there is that girlfriend that does screenshots of a guy from Tinder and sends in the WhatsApp group to consult about him and more than once to get down on his pictures. Enough, this is an obscene habit that it’s time to stop. Give it a chance but do not rush to shame (unless the guy did something really terrible).
Stuck in place
More and more single men and women are spending 365 days in endless correspondence today until they gather courage and meet – and they usually retire long before that and move on to the next conversation. Friends, life is short, stop corresponding and go on a date already!

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