3 Tips To Make Him Love You For Ever

New Research Discovery Reveals :

The Surprising Reason Men Are Hard-Wired To Choose Specific Women
(And constantly reject or neglect others).

Over the years, Tanya was always told she was “outstanding “, “A great catch “, “inspiring “, and “perfect sweetheart material” by the men she’d been with …

Yet all their kind and reassuring words just made her feel stupid .

Because the cold truth was :.

Despite how fantastic they CLAIMED she was, they still weren’t CHOOSING to build a future with her.

Which showed that they were either lying , or there was something else wrong with her : something so repulsive that they couldn’t picture themselves staying with her.

“It made me really feel hopeless ” she explained to us . “Why am I never enough for the ones I really desire ?”.

“I just want someone to pick me”.

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This problem of what makes men choose a certain type of woman while not feeling it with others has plagued women for as long as men and women have been getting together .

And scientific research may finally have an answer to this question .

According to new research findings released in the academic journal, “Archives of Sexual Behavior”*, men aren’t attracted to women based on “logical reasons”.

As relationship researcher Clayton Max explained to us, “It’s not about checking all the criteria on a man’s checklist of a ‘perfect partner ‘. A woman can’t convince men to want to be with her”.

In my experience , Max says , when a woman tries to persuade a guy , pressure him , or show him just how perfect she is, nine times out of ten it will backfire, as behaviors like this actually are the reverse of what makes a guy confidently sure a particular partner is it for him.

“The truth is” according to Max, “The decision for guys comes down to one specific thing :.

They go with women who set off the hypnotic feeling of INFATUATION”.

Psychologists have found that infatuation originates from a subconscious drive deep within the brain …

Either it’s switched on or it’s not .
When his infatuation instinct is ON , it makes no difference if she has the characteristics he identified as his ‘perfect match’ .

They could be totally ‘incompatible’ according to his criteria , but he’ll make time for her. He’ll move mountains for her . .

Because the Infatuation Impulse literally SHUTS OFF his mind to everything other than her .

So how does a woman activate a man’s Infatuation Instinct … to make him so overwhelmed with desire for her that he’s willing to do anything to show her just how much he wants her?

Check out the In-depth Video to found out now .

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