50 practical tips that will ensure you a happy and long married life

Although we enjoy laughing about the subject from time to time, married life and relationships can be quite difficult for men and women alike. Living together over time, raising children, dealing with crises and the need for support over the years are just some of the challenges each couple faces. Although many think that the formula for a perfect relationship is an unrealistic myth, or a matter so complex that no one has the ability to understand it, the reality is slightly different. There really is no formula for a perfect married life, and every relationship has disagreements, but if you follow the following 50 golden tips, your life together with your loved ones will be much better.

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  1. Always remember what made you fall in love with each other the first time you met.
  2. Say “I love you” at least once a day.
  3. Make time each week for a date or a shared pastime that will focus on a beloved and relaxing activity.
  4. Do not deprive your spouse of intimate recreation as punishment, it will only cause more serious damage to the relationship.
  5. Your priorities should be the children, the relationship and then the rest of the extended family.
  6. Do everything you can to become your spouse’s best friends, not just their marriage partners.
  7. Do not let anyone interfere in your married life without your request, especially not parents and breads.
  8. Take care of yourself and live a healthy life – when you start, your partner will also suffer, so try to avoid it.
  9. Every day give each other a hug or a kiss.
  1. Do not hide secrets from each other.
  2. Set clear boundaries for your marriage and relationship life. It is important that you know what you can and cannot do together.
  3. Set aside your pride and ego during arguments. In any situation where there is a “winner” in an argument the relationship is harmed.
  4. Prepare or buy the favorite foods of your spouse.
  5. When your spouse is doing something they love do not criticize them for it, no matter how badly they do it.
  6. Learn how to let go and give up – marriage is not the right framework for “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth”.
  7. Do not go to bed angry, sit down the disagreements before you go to bed.
  8. Try to surprise each other whenever possible with small gifts or romantic gestures.
  9. If you do exercise, do it together.
  1. Do not hide bank accounts and financial information from each other.
  2. Remember that the painful and difficult truth is always better than a comforting lie.
  3. Do not use spouses and friends from the past to arouse envy.
  4. Try to spend at least five minutes every day laughing together from a movie, TV show or some good jokes.
  5. Twice a year treat yourself to a special vacation or outing that will strengthen your marriage and relationship. Good times for such activities are your birthdays or wedding anniversaries.
  6. Be willing to make concessions for each other, this is an integral part of the relationship.
  7. Always listen to the advice you receive from your spouse.
  8. Do not be cynical and sarcastic, you never know when you will cross the border and hit the other side badly.
  9. Two of the most important actions in any relationship are forgiveness and giving up.
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  1. You need the love of your spouse and they need yours – so give it without hesitation and also know how to receive.
  2. There is nothing more important to a husband or wife than support from their spouses.
  3. Know what your and your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses are. This way you will know in which situations you can help them and in which they will be able to support you.
  4. Always consult with each other before making big decisions and steps.
  5. No matter how small or silly they are, be sure to support each other’s dreams.
  6. Do not compare your marriage to other people’s relationships – you are who you are and who they are.
  7. Never fight in front of other people and not in front of the children – manage your relationship privately.
  8. Do not raise arguments and behaviors from the past to leverage the present in your favor. You may “win” the current debate but it will be an empty victory.
  9. Counseling is not a bad word – more and more couples are getting back the happiness and satisfaction from their married life thanks to expert therapists.
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  1. People change throughout their lives, try to keep track of your spouse’s preferences and hobbies.
  2. There is nothing wrong with spending quality time alone, but when you come back make sure to compensate the other party for the missing time.
  3. We are all human and we are all wrong, so do not try to justify mistakes to your spouse and admit your mistakes as soon as possible.
  4. Do not jump to conclusions. Never.
  5. Get in the shower or bath together – it’s never too late to try new things.
  6. Introduce the couple to activities and hobbies that will be healthy and fun for them.
  7. Even in the best relationship in the world the couple are unable to read the other party’s thoughts. Talk and communicate as much as possible.
  8. Mean everything you say and keep everything you promise.
  9. Even during the most difficult fights, remember that your partner is never your enemy.
  10. Do not try to change your spouse, try to improve yourself and them. There is a very big difference between these two things …
  11. Look each other in the eyes, gently touch the face and hair. Such gestures are more romantic and intimate than you might think.
  12. Work together as a team. Achieving your goals and a shared sense of satisfaction will do wonders for your relationship.
  13. Flowers and chocolates may be a cliché – but still, great fun to receive and give them to each other.
  14. And finally, three words that will help your marriage overcome any obstacle: love, respect and loyalty.


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