7 Research Findings Revealing How Text Correspondence Messages Affect Relationships

It is very difficult to understand moods and context when it comes to correspondence in text messages, and in some cases it may even sow a lot of chaos in our relationships, but text messages can also improve the closeness between us and unite us even more. Most people perceive correspondence through text messages as a less preferred form of communication, says Dr. Cheryl Spencer, an assistant professor of psychology at Pace University in New York. Although many of us rely on text messages as the faster and simpler way of communicating, it is possible to correspond while doing other things. More and more people are referring to text correspondence as their primary means of communication with their friends and loved ones, and after research on the subject, it appears that this has significant implications for different relationships.Want to find out what science has to say about how text message correspondence affects your relationships? Interesting research findings that will make you look at text correspondence in messages differently.

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  1. Similar texting writing styles make couples happier
    A study conducted at Pace University in 2017 shows that similar text writing styles make couples happier. The study, led by Dr. Traub, surveyed 205 adults and asked them about their text patterns, their sense of emotional security, and overall satisfaction with their relationship. If they complained to each other, exchanged funny content or text corresponded on various issues in their relationship, they reported higher levels of satisfaction from their relationship compared to couples whose texting styles were different.This actually makes a lot of sense overall, then text messages from a person who writes the styles in which we understand him and he likes to keep up with our pace will be welcomed on our mobile phone screen, however, a person who corresponds with us at a different pace – often or too rarely – and uses a different texting style may bother or even upset us.

2. Obsessive text correspondence can be a sign of loneliness or escape A study presented at a conference of the American Psychological Association in 2018 suggests that obsessive and vigorous text correspondence may be a sign of loneliness or boredom that will eventually turn into a sense of alienation, although it helps us maintain close relationships with loved ones. Traub and her team surveyed 982 adults and asked them questions to gauge their addiction to text correspondence, social anxiety, shyness and other personality traits. The test shows that catching up with significant people in the subjects’ lives is not problematic in itself – receiving alerts showed signs of an increase in dopamine – but it becomes dangerous when you start using it as an escape from a certain situation. Text correspondence can be a great way to pass the time in moments of boredom or discomfort, but it is precisely in such situations that it may be the thing that limits us from creating meaningful interactions.

3. Sending text messages with positive content improves your relationships Although this finding is probably not surprising to many of you, there is now solid evidence that sending messages of a positive / loving / friendly / funny nature only does good for the correspondence between the couples. In a 2015 study, researchers tried to examine positive text messages in two ways: First, they collected a group of couples and documented the first text messages participants sent to their partners each day for two weeks, which also participated in the study, but neither party knew about the other. These people did not report any change in behavior, but their spouses who were tested on their response to the first messages testified that the pleasant words contributed greatly to the satisfaction of the relationship. The moral of the study is that it is very worthwhile to send your spouses messages with positive content – so you will be able to create satisfaction in them from your relationship.

4. Communication and personality styles are reflected including dependence on the phone

The way we rely on our cell phone may indicate how we rely on other people. After researching the subject, Straub says that people with attachment anxiety, or people who are more preoccupied with their relationship with their partner and those who do not feel comfortable in their relationship until they are sure that their partner is present and committed, tend to “run away” to their phone. . Those same people will probably testify that they feel naked without their phone which actually serves as a sort of protective blanket. In contrast, people who avoid communicating with other people tend to over-trust themselves because they probably think that others will not be willing or able to meet their attachment needs. Those same people will prefer to give up their cell phone because they see it as a burden or a nice way to pass the time, not because they do not like the people trying to communicate with them, but because the phone itself for them expresses stress.

5. Correspondence is not the way and the place to maintain your relationships

If you and your spouse have a quarrel that you are going through, do your best to resolve it personally. Using texts messages may leave both of you unsatisfied and disparage the relationship between you. In 2013, researchers from Brigham Young University surveyed 276 adults; 38% of respondents reported that they were in a serious relationship, 46% of respondents reported that they were engaged and 16% of respondents reported that they were married. When these couples used correspondence to resolve key issues in their relationship or agree on different things, they testified that their satisfaction with the move was extremely low. The women in this study did not tend to appreciate apologies that came in text messages or big decisions made in the same format, and as for the men it was found that these did not like to send and receive too many messages. However, all respondents reported that affectionate expressions and shared designs made in this format were received in a positive way, so the conclusion is that you can use text correspondence for fun or planning things, but not solve the problems in your relationship with them.

6. Sending sexual content messages vigorously and frequently can indicate relationship problems

Sexual content messages can add a spark to a relationship, but a large amount of this kind can indicate major relationship issues. Researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada examined the sexual text messages among 615 adults, and found that among those who sent such text messages and / or nude photos several times a week, or even on a daily and high-frequency basis, there was sexual and relationship satisfaction – but that’s it. The same people also testified that they experience more conflicts in their relationships and ambivalence about the potential inherent in their long-term relationship. In addition, those same people also reported lower levels of attachment and commitment to the partner, things that eventually led the researchers to determine that sending sexually explicit text messages frequently does not characterize a healthy relationship.

7. Bonus Find – We share resentment and anger over certain text writing and content styles. This is actually a respite from all the science and research we’ve touched on so far, and now we’ll move on to a bachelor survey conducted in 2016, one that examined what really annoys people in various text messages. First, it turns out that we all hate misspellings and incorrect grammar; 36% of the men who participated in the survey testified that this is what annoys them the most, compared to 54% of the women. Second, short answers also caused a feeling of anger among 36% of men and 37% of women, so it is sometimes advisable to respond with a message that is a little longer than, “Cool”, “Good”, “Okay” and the like. Therefore, before you click the “Send” button, you should check the content of your message so as not to annoy and upset the person you are corresponding with.

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