8 Little Things To Do To Make Him Crazy About You!

Just as shopping does you good on a bad day, and a visit to the barber can leverage you all week – so too do men have little things that make them happy. The good news? It is entirely in our control, means by which we can show them that we love, or rotate them on our little finger! Here are some of the female tactics that will always work.

Method: Touch casually
You run a hand over his shoulder while giggling photogenically, scattering your hair nonchalantly (artificially-but-naturally), or arranging his collar, that way, in a small way. There is something divine in the casual, unexpected, touching-untouched movement, a tiny, almost imperceptible gesture that flows blood through their arteries, jumps the libido and gives a pleasant feeling throughout the body.
When to use: This is usually a contact with a semi-stranger-semi-familiar person, something in the area of ​​a work colleague. If you want to turn upside down from the cafeteria, help carry a huge package from the reception or just pick up a fallen pen – flip through it with your fingers and see how things are done quickly and with a smile.

Method: Order food
Did you go out to a restaurant? Order real food. One that can be chewed, one that makes a “fuss” on the plate, one that also has carbs in it and doesn’t leave you hungry after half an hour. It’s not that it’s important for your man not to stay hungry, it’s just a lot cooler, cooler and hornier to sit in a restaurant with a partner who eats. This salad is nice for a first course. A main course should be such that the main thing is the food. The downside: It does not contradict the fact that he wants you skinny.
When to use: When you are in a restaurant. Even if it’s the beginning of the relationship.

Method: Be fragrant
Smell is a very dominant effect in attraction. When you scatter your hair and let the fragrance of the shampoo bubble out, it is something that knocks everyone down, even the biggest bulldozer. Perfumes and body creams can also do a good job, but here you are already taking a risk to the extent that he really does not like musk-patchouli.
When to use: Whenever possible. There is no such thing as a bad timing for a good smell.

Method: Learn how to cook
Note: We did not say cook. But only you will know how to do it. This as stated does not require you to go through his stomach seven times a week, but occasionally, you will produce a smell of food at home. By actually making the pasta, they received the clear reference that even within the careerist-amateur-take-away woman that you hide in – Big Mama super cook who knows what cumin is and what to do with it.
When to use: Start once a week. And look how it’s progressing from there.

dinner date

Method: Dance
Get correction: dance beautifully. If you do not have a sense of rhythm, it can only screw your goal. But if you know how to move by the look, know your body and aware of your possessions – dancing can take gallons of sexy out of you. But please, do not become a sex animal that clings to pillars. Remember that God is in the small details, and gentle pelvic movement is worth much more than licking lips and reciprocating.
When to use: at parties, weddings or at home. Just not at a family meal. It’s not pleasant.

Method: Connect with his mom
Even the most blatant, rude and chauvinistic man is a mother’s child when he’s at his parents’ house. He cherishes the hot pots on the stove and the woman who managed to make him a man. And the best thing you can do is connect with her, like her and make him happy.
When to use: When you meet his mother. When you talk to your girlfriends – you are welcome to slander her.

The method: to like oral sex
We did not say that you should love it, but must say the obvious: the man goes hand in hand with the little friend attached to him. If you really want to bounce it, get it out of depression or want it after a limitless shopping trip, kneel down. But slippery, without a conscience.
When to use: In times of crisis only. Not to get used to.

Method: Tell him he’s right
Between us, just as you need it, your man was happy to hear from time to time that he was right this time. They do not need it as often as we do, it would not kill us to tell them occasionally, that the decision to travel to Crete instead of Rhodes was a brilliant one, for example.
When to use: When he is really right. Yes, that too happens sometimes. Do him a favor.

Method: Laugh
Have you always wanted a man with a sense of humor? Hey sure he always wanted a girl to laugh at his jokes. Just note that it is with him and not about him. A woman laughs a rolling and healthy laugh is the most immediate feedback for a man’s ego and if you look really well, you can see how suddenly his chest gets stronger, his back straightens and he walks like a peacock.
When to use: At any given time. Like smell, laughter is a guest of honor in any situation.

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