9 biological and psychological factors that bring us to be attracted to certain people

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Romantic attraction between people is not always an understandable and conscious thing; Many times we will not be able to detail what exactly led us to be attracted to and approach our spouse or what exactly made us fall in love with them. True, we may say that we liked some of their character traits, or that we generally liked them – but there are psychological and biological factors hidden from view that would be very surprised to hear that they probably played an equally important role in the attraction between you. These factors are research-proven and conscious, and even if we deny them – they exist and affect our level of attraction. Therefore, it is very worthwhile for you to get to know 9 main, visual and internal characteristics that lead to attraction and to know the biological and psychological reasons behind why we are actually attracted to them.

  1. Pupil size
    The eyes are a mirror to the soul – we all already know that, but the central part of them, the pupils, has a place of honor in the abundance of psychological reasons why people look more attractive to us. The pupils usually change size in response to the emotions we feel, becoming larger when we are happy and shrinking when bitter sadness attacks us. A study conducted at Dartmouth College University in New Hampshire, USA, found that subconsciously, we consider people with large pupils to be more attractive because this characteristic indicates to us that there is a mutual interest between us and that they are happy to see us. In the past, Italian women used to expand their pupils artificially to attract men, using an extract from the venomous plant Ladonna.
  1. Facial symmetry
    It turns out that the symmetry of our face – that is, the identity and similarity between the characters of the two halves of the face – certainly plays an important role in our attraction to people psychologically. The results of a study published in the journal “Developments in Psychological Research” in 2016 show that people regularly rate symmetrical faces as more attractive because our visual receptors are able to absorb and process them faster. Another subconscious psychological reason we have an attraction to symmetrical faces is that we biologically associate them with good genes that can move on.
  1. Dietary preferences
    Our dietary preferences can certainly affect our health as well as our appearance, but it turns out that not only that – they can also affect the way we are attracted to people, and this is especially true for men. A study conducted at the University of Macquarie in Australia and published in 2018 shows that the food that men prefer to eat can affect a woman’s level of attraction to them; The body odor of men who preferred fruits and vegetables is considered more preferred and appealing over the body odor of most men who have chosen to eat carbohydrate-based foods like bread and pasta.
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  1. Taste
    Many times, when talking about an initial romantic acquaintance with another person, we talk about the first kiss – whether it was good and whether we felt the desired attraction in it. It turns out that this is not only related to the way the kiss happened, but also to its taste; When we kiss mouth to mouth in what is known as a “French kiss” there is a certain turnover of bacteria between the mouths. A study conducted at Oxford University in the UK suggests that there is a link between bacterial turnover and how we perceive our suitability for the person we are kissing, or in other words: the other person’s taste may be more or less appealing to us.
  1. Body odor
    It seems obvious that body odor can be a major attraction or non-attraction factor; An unpleasant odor, such as that caused by excessive sweating, can keep people away from you. But when it comes to gender relations and how men and women are attracted to it, there is more to it than meets the eye. A study published in 2016 found that men are much more attracted to women when they are in their ovulation period. This is because the level of hormones in a woman’s body is greater at this stage, which biologically indicates that men have fertility.
  1. Waist ratio
    It is true that the appearance of an external body, especially when it comes to the waist ratio, has in recent years become a lively debate when it comes to male-female relationships, and the question arises as to whether it is legitimate to judge a person only by the shape of his waist. But in science and psychology, the waist ratio is still considered an attraction, with the results of a study published in 2014 showing that the lower the waist-thigh ratio, the more attractive a woman is to men.
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  1. Voice
    Our voice is our main means of expression, through which we can express in words our feelings – but it turns out that it also affects the level of attraction of people to us and ours to others. When it comes to male-female relationships, a study at the University of St Andrews School of Psychology in Scotland found that women are more attracted to men with low voices, as it is perceived as a matriculation transmitter. In addition, other studies indicate that biologically deeper voices communicate with us about the thought of bringing healthier children into the world and that low voice height is linked to being a larger person.
  1. Imagination
    Are opposites attract each other as we have always been told, or do we psychologically and biologically prefer to continue and connect with those who are similar to us? It seems that in terms of science, when it comes to relationships the answer tends more to identify than to language. One study for example suggests that we tend to be attracted to people who have characteristics similar to those our parents had when we were born, because in fact we associate them that way with the first people who took care of us, and this evokes positive emotions in us. In addition, the results of a study published in 2014 show that spouses in a relationship tend to be more genetically similar than two arbitrarily selected people, and a study published in the Journal of Psychological Sciences found that we tend to trust more people like us.
  1. Kindness
    Finally – a little hope, to show you that not everything is so superficial and depends only on external characteristics that we do not always have control over. Kindness and courtesy are also attractive qualities, according to science and research. For example, one study found that attaching a series of positively perceived traits, such as kindness, to people’s photos caused participants in the experiment to rate the appearance of those in the picture higher than when they were rated without their features being known.Tim Phillips, a psychiatrist at the University of Nottingham, explains the biological motives for this: “The expansion of the human brain has significantly raised the cost of raising children, so it has become a thought for our ancestors to find willing and able mates to be good parents in the long run. It certainly provides clear clues to this, and causes a link between human kindness and sexual preference. “

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