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The woman who has affairs only with married men: “Infidelity helps marriage!”

She calls herself a ‘serial lover’, and after sleeping with more than a hundred married men claims that everything goes on in the family: “These men are not afraid of disappointing their parents, because they know that their parents have also cheated” Gwyneth Lee (48) from London lost her husband, Robert, 11 years ago when he died of cancer. Instead of becoming a childless widow, she decided to continue enjoying her life – and to break through a series of affairs. Lee told the Daily Mirror that in the past decade she has had affair with more than a hundred...

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Do You Regret Marrying Your First Sex?

Many of us are still with their first love. The question is whether marrying your first (and only) lover is a good idea or basis for remorse? “First love is only dangerous if it is also the last” – Bernislav Nozik”. I never wished I had ordered a fish if the steak I got was cooked to my liking.” – A woman who married her first lover. Many of us are still with their first love. Is marrying your first (and only) lover a bad idea? Do these couples regret not having any more romantic experiences? Is the quality of...