Dating In The Corona Era – 6 Tips!

Dating in the corona era part III; Many wonder whether to continue to communicate virtually until it is possible to meet again, or whether it might be better to freeze the relationship and return in search of love later, after the corona crisis is over. 5 tips to help you decide if the new relationship is worth the wait.
Dating In The Corona Era
Dating In The Corona Era

So you met a guy who was really into it or you met someone you really like (finally!). You went out once, twice, maybe even managed to make physical contact beyond the initial introductory conversation, and suddenly – lock down!

It is impossible to go out, it is impossible to meet, let alone any sexual contact … all that is left is to correspond, and how much is possible ?! In this strange situation, many wonder whether to continue communicating virtually until it is possible to meet again, or whether it might be better to stop communicating and go back in search of love later, after the corona is over.

If you too are experiencing this dilemma, here are some tips that may help you decide.

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Original courtship
The fact that it is impossible to meet does not mean that it is impossible to woo, just have to be original! Delivery of chocolates and flowers is always welcome, and even more so when you are locked in the house and receive it by surprise.

Send romantic messages, dedicate songs, even invest in making a kitschy or fun playlist to hear in quarantine. Show that you are one of those who want and are willing to give of themselves, and much.

Adequacy test
Just like in the “Wedding at First Sight” series, you have already seen that there is a chance for a relationship and that there is a basic attraction, now is the time to check how much you fit into each other.

Instead of “wasting” time on dating in different places and finding that you are not in the same mind at all, why not take advantage of the forced time at home to check for a match right now? Ask all the questions that interest you – from favorite foods (maybe you will find that one is vegan and the other can not without meat?).

Through sleeping habits (super important information before sleeping together for the first time), family relationships and weekends (when there is no corona). The more information you gather about the other party, the more you will know if you are more suitable than you thought, or you may actually be glad that you did not reach the next dating stage.

Dating In The Corona Era
Dating In The Corona Era

This closure provides everyone with a great deal of time with themselves. This is the time for some poignant and important questions: Did you get into this relationship for the right reasons? Are you compromising again? Is there really a chance for a link here? Or maybe it will be a one-time flick?

Do not give up on yourself and do not make assumptions. Dig as much as you can into questions like: Do I want to talk to her specifically in the morning, or is it just nice of me for someone to call? Am I talking to him because I’m bored or because I want it to last longer?

Remind yourself what you did not like about the other party and especially about you in previous relationships, and emphasize this so that it does not happen this time as well. Folks, you have a great opportunity to build a strong and stable foundation for a new relationship in the right way, take it with both hands!

Go on a virtual date (even virtual sex goes!)
True, dating is limited to your living room / kitchen / bedroom, but that does not make it any less worthwhile! Set an hour, invest in your personal care just as you would invest in a real date, from shoes through clothes to makeup, hairstyle and perfume.

You can even pour yourself a drink and ask the other side to show the camera his glass and do “cheers” together. And if you’re in a good and flowing mind, you can take it one step further, and make the conversation sexual or live of deeds. It will only strengthen your attraction, passion and desire to meet …

Dating In The Corona Era

Say goodbye properly
Whether you have decided that this relationship is not leading anywhere serious, which is fine, or whether you have decided that it might be worthwhile to end the virtual relationship or freeze it until the routine returns, do not forget to say goodbye properly.

Do not disappear to the other side and do not make unreliable excuses. Stay fair and honest throughout. Virtual or not, closure or not, honesty and authenticity are the basis of any relationship. Your are dating in the corona era and it seems like it’ll be a long story to stay with us.

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