What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during sex?

So…What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you during sex? No matter what the answer, rest assured it has already happened to someone else. Noises, smells and even a sudden urge to cry. All the leaks that insist on happening during sex, why they happen and how to deal with them.
embarrassing during sex

We all know it: you’re in an intimate situation, things get hot, clothes go down and then – oops, embarrassing moment! It could be noise your body has decided to produce without notice, strange impulses landing on you without warning – vomiting, urinating or even crying – or just stubborn vaginal dryness. The good news: 99.9 percent of the weird things that happen to you during sex are normal and happen to everyone. More?

Some people think it’s really sexy. And yes, this is also true of the phenomenon that is perceived as the most embarrassing of all. Whether you call it a “vaginal fart,” a “quiet fart,” or a “women’s fart,” now is the time for an official acquaintance – say goodbye to Queef. Admit that already the name makes it sound much cuter. “The whole story is just air being pushed out of the genitals,” explains social sexologist Gal Maron, dispelling the rumor that it is gas from the genitals. Another rumor worth refuting is that the phenomenon occurs because of the size or anatomy of the organ – it is not.

So why is this happening? Gynecologist, sexologist and psychotherapist Dr. Hagit Kahana explains: During penetration, or any other sexual act that involves inserting toys or fingers, air enters the vagina. That’s exactly why Quiff tends to happen in acts of fast sex or in poses like Doggy Style or Pile Driver (a pose in which the woman lies on her back, lifts her legs and the man above her).

What to do? In positions such as missionary, teaspoons or while the woman is riding the man – the likelihood of the quiff appearing decreases considerably. Another option is to adopt a slower and deeper style or just try to understand that most of our partners do not really care, sometimes even the opposite. And quipping is certainly not the only phenomenon worth trying to take more easily.

Vomiting during sex

“A lot of women suffer from an urge to vomit when they give oral sex. And some also actually vomit,” Maron describes one of the least sexy sex incidents. Here, too, the scientific explanation for the phenomenon is uncomplicated: an encounter between a foreign object and the throat area stimulates the vomiting reflex.

Between 10 and 5 percent of the population are classified as having a more sensitive vomiting reflex. In this case, friction between the object and the ceiling of the mouth can also cause a desire to vomit, with the original purpose being to protect the body from the danger of suffocation.

In other words: getting down on someone and feeling like you want to vomit? While this only means that your body is working properly, usually knowing it will not help you deal with the embarrassment. What can be done?

The good news: Here, too, practice leads to perfection and it turns out that vomiting reflex control can be practiced. Maron notes that training the muscles of the mouth, using a vibrator or even cucumber, can help.

Another important issue – the angle. In most of us, the partner’s penis is 90 degrees to the mouth. Changing position so that your throat and limb are in line will make the business much friendlier. In some sex shops you will also find a special spray.

At the same time, sometimes the reflex expresses some kind of resistance. At this point it is worth remembering that just as sex is not just vaginal penetration nor oral sex does not have to be one in which the entire organ is inside the mouth. Eventually, licks or assistance from the hands forever will be sexier than willing to vomit.

Pee during sex

Not just an urge to vomit – quite a few women also describe an urge to urinate during sex. This time, too, Maron refutes the myth: “A lot of women are terribly afraid that he will have a pee in the middle, so first of all it is important for me to make it clear that there is no physical possibility of urinating during sex.”

“Because the clitoris and urethral opening are very close,” adds Dr. Kahana, “the friction created gives you a sense of needing to pee.” The good news: Most of the time, this sensation indicates that you’re a moment before the climax, meaning, orgasm.

Is this the famous female ejaculation? not exactly. “It is a fluid that our body produces during the act. It is more like water than urine,” explains Dr. Kahana.

what can we do?

“My only recommendation is to just put on a towel and know that there are actually a lot of men that it turns them on.”

Crying during sex

You met, you had sex, you even came. And now all you want is to burst into tears? You’re not the only one. “After orgasm, all kinds of hormones are released in the body, including a hormone called oxytocin. It is the one that makes you feel good but can also cause the urge to cry, it is a need for an outlet,” Maron explains.

If so, why does it only happen occasionally or with certain partners?

“Many times there is a certain emotional element here. In any case, there is nothing to be ashamed of and it is of course better not to try to stop it either.” And yes, it happens to men too.

Smell during sex

One of the things that women are most embarrassed about is the smell of the vagina. In most cases these are completely imagined concerns, among other things, because of the social stigma.

“I have patients from the age of 20 to 60 and these concerns appear in all of them,” says Maron. According to Kahana, “In a woman without abnormal secretions – the smell is the normal smell and it is worth understanding it.”

so what is there to do? Dr. Kahana recommends not using perfumes, which may just cause the opposite situation. “Even a thong should be worn just before it goes down. Petticoats for everyday use are better to give up, because they only create the opposite effect and encourage the formation of a fungus. Even during menstruation, odorless bandages are preferred. “

If you detect a pungent and foreign odor, usually alongside a discharge of unusual texture, there may be a medical problem. “A lot of women do not know that this is something that can be treated. It is worthwhile to go to a gynecologist on the subject and it has a treatment,” says Dr. Kahana.

“I think the best way to deal with all these embarrassing phenomena is to just laugh at them,” Maron concludes.

What really about these leaks?

“My recommendation is to have sex in the light anyway. Even so, it’s always better to look each other in the eye.”

And we add: look each other in the eyes and smile awkwardly. And with pleasure.


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