Guide: How To Choose Winning Dating Profile Picture

Three photographers and an Instagram model give their best tips for a winning profile picture, one that will get you the most referrals

In these days of social alienation dating apps are thriving more than ever. If in the past a few texting exchanges were enough to go on a date, then in the current situation digital media is given much greater weight, and even replaces the current physical encounter, it is difficult to know when it will take place.

In the absence of a face-to-face meeting, the importance of the profile picture increases, as it is the most initial impression you can now leave on the environment. “A lot of people come to me who want good pictures for dating sites. Some call me later and tell me that the pictures raised the number of referrals and also the number of successful dates,” says proudly Lia, portrait photographer, image and PR, and owner of “Studio 44” For photography.

What sets a dating profile picture apart?

“People on dating sites do not like pictures that look strenuous. Therefore, even if the picture is taken in the studio, it must look like it was not taken in the studio, because people suspect that if you took a picture in the studio it is a sign that you look very different in reality.

“The images must look natural and not forced, so beyond the location there is also the importance of expression,” she adds. “It’s important to have a smile or a half smile, and not a serious face, but that the smile does not necessarily point to the camera. I tell the subject to look towards a source of light, such as a window or lighting, then laugh at them and catch them smiling with a real smile when not looking at the camera. “Makeup needs to look the most natural in the world so that the image does not look strained. When people come to me for photos on dating sites, I tell my makeup artist to apply makeup in a really delicate way.”

Lia’s tips for a winning picture

1. It is best for the pictures to be as less “photoshoped” and as real as possible to avoid unpleasantness in the meeting.

2. The nose should always face the light. It gives a beautiful frame to the face.

3. Although we have always been taught to stand straight in front of the camera, standing straight and taut is not flattering to the body. It is best to ‘break’ the body, for example by leaning on one leg in a relaxed position, which produces a beautiful bend.

4. If you are sitting, you should cross a foot on a leg, in order to slightly break your back and this alignment that you want to avoid.

5. If the hands are on the sides of the body, it is best to have a small space between the waist and the arm because it flatters the waistline. In addition, it is best not to place the hands behind the body, as this creates the illusion of amputated hands.

6. The head should be tilted slightly to the side, even a millimeter, which is already more flattering.

7. Special Emphasis for Men: For men it is very flattering to sit on an inverted chair while resting your hands on the backrest. In addition, it is very flattering for the body if you take a deep breath and immediately take a picture.

woman smiling with computer

This is a bachelor market, sell yourself

Angela Nicholls is a multidisciplinary artist and photographer of books, events, music and animals. At the same time, she is also on the other side of the barricade, as someone who uses dating apps herself, and knows how to point out all the defects of users’ profile pictures. “As someone who is also single, I come across shocking things,” she says. “Is this the best thing you were able to get out of yourself? After all, people invest so much in the dating world, so why not invest in the front gate and be photographed by a photographer? We’re in the market, so dude, sell yourself.”

“Now, suppose there is no photographer and you are photographing yourself, if it is dark now and you have hardly found light – wait for the morning. No one aims a gun at you to be photographed right now. And do not take pictures with three other friends, because I will not browse to the next picture .If you put a picture that is not yourself clearly, for example a picture of a sea view, then either you are married or you are married, unless you are a voyeur. Introduce yourself. “

Who are the people who approach you for a photo to dating sites?

“Men. Only men come to me to be photographed. By the way, they do not always tell me that it is for dating apps, and I have already opened Tinder and seen photos I have taken appear there. They may be ashamed. Even those who told me the photos are for Tinder are shyer. “These are people who are not used to being photographed, and of course they are not social media stars who take selfies all day long. There was one who came in terribly stressed, and declared that he knew he would not enjoy it because he could not stand being photographed.”

Interesting. So what are you doing?

“I go through a process with them during the photography, making them feel comfortable until they are happy and having fun and slowly opening up, and then the inner beauty also comes out. I also photograph them outside, in a natural environment, and it feels more comfortable and less demanding than a studio. By the way, one guy. “I took a picture of and told me that today’s girls really want to know when the picture was taken. If the picture is already two months old it is too old and they require an up-to-date picture. They are picky at hysterical levels. Like what could have possible happened? Did they grow another chin since then?

Photographer cute picture
“Wait until the morning for better lightning” – Angela Nicholls

Angela’s tips for a winning image

1. If you see the shadow of the phone on the face – you do not stand well, it’s an alphabet. Just turn around so that the shadow is on the other side.

2. Make a lot of attempts until something works for you, and from that you will understand what you look like is the best for you.

3. Take off your sunglasses. People want to see who this man who looks at them is. If you want to present yourself with sunglasses, then make sure there is also a picture where your eyes can be seen as the cliché says – “eyes are a window to your soul”.

4. The person who is photographing you should be at your height and photograph you at same eye level. If he is very tall, you will look like a dwarf. And if he’s really short, you’ll look like a great general.

“The process takes time but it’s worth it”

Gloria Harris is a model who maintains a successful Instagram account, to which she uploads photos of herself along with intelligent and thought-provoking texts. She carefully plans all her shots in advance, and entrusts the phone camera to a friend or relative, giving precise directing instructions. Thankfully, she agreed to reveal most of her secrets to us!


“When I decide to take a picture, I create a whole production in my head,” she says. “I have a vision of what the image will look like, long before I go out to take a picture. I really like locations that connect with the clothes I wear, or with an emotion I want to convey. I decide in advance what I wear, how I wear makeup, what accessories I will wear and what shoes to where. I keep track of the hours and days when the lighting is soft and flattering, and I take a lot of different pictures, when I usually do not use them all.”

gloria models
Producing the whole photo shooting -Gloria Harris
gloria on the beach
gloria on the sand

“It is clear to me that for many, especially for those who were not born with a camera in their hand or do not like to be photographed, it is very difficult to find a good image that will serve them on dating sites, but this does not mean that it cannot be produced.

Technology today makes it possible to create images on your own, from the shooting stage to editing and the final product. In my case, in the many years I have been photographing I have learned exactly what flatters me. But if you’re just getting started, let the photographer direct you, open up to it, let go and enjoy. “There is no doubt that the process takes time and investment, but they are necessary for the final product to be satisfactory.”

Gloria’s tips for a winning picture

1. Lighting is the most important thing in photography. Cloudy days are usually best for outdoor photography, and in summer when the sun is strong it is best to go out in the early morning or towards evening, when the light is soft and flattering to the facial features. In the noon the sun will create contrasting and unflattering shadows under the neck and eyes.

2. Shooting angles are important for highlighting or blurring. A photo from below will give a feeling of height, a photo from above can obscure a bent posture, a front photo will emphasize body width, and from the side can accentuate the abdomen. Angles are a matter of trial and error. You should take a few pictures from different angles and learn which one is the most flattering.

3. In terms of clothing: a shapely and muscular body can be emphasized by tight items, belly or any organ you do not want to emphasize can be blurred with dark and slightly loose items.

4. Stains and wrinkles on the facial skin: For photography, it is always worthwhile for makeup, even basic, even for women who are not used to wearing makeup. Because a camera, even of mobiles, highlights everything inside. Makeup and concealer will help blur and give light and glow to the face.

5. A smile is our most beautiful accessory that gives a good feeling to the viewer, that you are light-hearted and fun.

6. After the photo shoot, you should sit patiently and edit the most flattering photos. It is important to keep the image close to reality, brighten and correct colors or remove items in the background, without changing your appearance too much.

“Each dating site has its own dress code”

Despite referring to dating sites as one piece, there is no doubt that there is a difference from site to site. This difference requires a different approach and preparation in terms of the image, as illustrated by Justin Green, a portrait photographer from New York.

“As in reality, even on dating sites we tend to adapt our visibility to the situation,” he says. “The dress code for dating sites is designed to find a relationship in general society. It will be slightly different from the dress code for people who are seeking sites for men in the Homosexual community, and completely different from the dress code for dating sites for finding flirts in the Gay community.”

“Adjusting the look to the situation” – Justin Green

“As a gay photographer who is bothered by my body image, I deal a lot with the world of male body images,” he explains. “Men in the gay community” may suffer from the same impossible standard of beauty that straight society has set for women for decades. In recent years, however, a revival is beginning in the gay community in the US that offers sexy alternatives to the young, well-groomed and smooth body structure, but men in general, and men for the best in particular, still experience menophobia and shyness of different body structures or what is perceived as too feminine.

“Photography for dating sites must be done with sensitivity, because it confronts the subjects with fears and anxieties about finding a partner, body image and a sense of self-worth,” he adds. “As a photographer, it excites me to hear from photographers how the photo shoot made them see themselves in a new and positive light.”

Green’s tips for a winning image

1. It is important to upload as varied pictures to dating sites as much as possible, so that the viewer gets a complete picture of you.

2. Combine indoor (home) and outdoor photos (vacation or some social situation).

3. Indoor photography is best done in front of a large, bright window. The lighting that comes from it is the most flattering.

4. You should upload photos from a social situation, to present your social skills. But do not upload your photos as part of a group, otherwise you will make your potential husband or wife prefer one of your friends.

5. No one looks good in photography with the flash of the mobile phone.

6. A picture (one) with your pet can do the job.

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