Why Would A Guy Ghosted You After A Good Date?

Many women wonder – why would a guy ghosted you after a good date? we will examine the facts in the article; After a dreamy night Maya woke up in anticipation of a good morning message, but the long-awaited phone call did not arrive. She obsessively checked her WhatsApp every 15 minutes, but no message was sent. Ronny disappeared from the face of the earth.
Guy Ghosted You After A Good Date
Guy Ghosted You After A Good Date

Not easy being alone. We all dream of finding someone to curl up with us under a blanket, to share with us a fattening pizza tray, to hug us and look at us with sparkling and loving eyes. The search is long and tedious, and by the time you find someone potential for a date, it often ends in a “date and we’re done.”

That is, after days and weeks of phone calls and correspondence into the night with smiley faces, hearts and love confessions like “I missed you,” “I’m dying to meet you already,” and the like, he deserves the coveted date “To this day” does end that day.

In fact, the plague of the dating world of recent years is not the spreading corona virus but the one-time dating blow, with months of anticipation ending in heartbreaking disappointment and a mysterious disappearance underground.

Ronny met Maya through the app. “Hi Maya, I’m sure a pretty girl like you gets dozens of messages a day. I’d love to meet you. Give me one chance and I promise you will not be disappointed,” he wrote to her and immediately turned himself into a potential partner and a person she was willing to give a chance to.

Maya, who actually gets dozens of messages a day, did not know if Ronnie was completely her taste, but he was consistent and courted her for a while. His words touched her and she was drawn to the determination, motivation and confidence he conveyed, and began corresponding with him on the app. From there they switched to the phone and began exchanging messages and deep conversations.

Guy Ghosted You After A Good Date
Guy Ghosted You After A Good Date

After a month of butterflies in the stomach and anticipation, they finally decided to meet. Ronny planned a romantic date for them and took care of all the little details: he picked her up from her house, brought her flowers and surprised her with an intimate date in a closed bar that belonged to his good friend. During the date he ordered her a range of indulgent desserts and a bottle of quality wine. Maya was fascinated by Ronny and throughout the date she was in the clouds.

They talked, laughed, held hands and parted with a kiss and escort home, as befits a true gentleman. That night she felt inside her that this was the real thing. She finally found a man she deserved. After a dreamy night she awoke in anticipation of a good morning message, but the long-awaited phone call did not arrive. She obsessively checked her WhatsApp every 15 minutes, but no message was sent.

At midnight, after not hearing from Ronny throughout the day, she fell asleep in tears and despair. He did not contact her the next day, nor the day after. In fact, since that dreamy date, his traces have disappeared from the face of the earth. Sounds delusional to you? Or maybe it actually sounds pretty familiar?

Date and we’re done
Like Maya, there are many other single men and women who have often been harmed by the “date and we’re done” epidemic. It does not matter where you met: through networks, apps or in person.

While before the date your future would look promising: you liked each other’s eyes, you felt chemistry and connection and even butterflies in your stomach, after the first date one of you bought a plane ticket to the other side of the universe and disappeared.

It is important to note that most of the time there is not even an explanation for the dissipation and certainly not a polite end message. The man or woman simply evaporates and leaves behind the other side when he is mentally bruised, ego-stricken and unanswered. Horrible!

There are a hundred and one reasons why the other person decided to break up and run away, and the truth is that it has nothing to do with you. It’s his or her only, and among us, one of the most common reasons for this “ghosting” is frivolity!

People have become frivolous and judgmental. They are not really giving anyone a chance. They reject nonsense because of the illusion of abundance, convinced that there are plenty of options out there and that if they just flip left, they will find someone better, prettier, smarter and richer.

Nonsense. It’s time to face the reality behind the screens. No one is perfect and neither are you.
Friends, give an honest and real opportunity for love, and if there is a connection then wait at least two or three dates before you form an opinion about the continuation of the relationship.

Behave exactly as you would like to be treated. And if you are less attracted, everything is fine. Do not disappear and respect the other side with constructive criticism that will help them and you in this journey of searching for the one.

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