11 Tips and tricks On How To Improve Married Life

Frequently asked – How to improve married life? Managing a relationship is not always an easy thing. It is about a life of two that are one, however sometimes the two do not reach agreement or understanding on certain issues and this can lead to arguments and quarrels. To avoid these situations it is recommended that you know the following tips and tricks that will help you solve the problems in original and creative ways that do wonders for many couples, and can also help you in your relationship.
how to improve married life
How to improve married life
  1. When difficult to decide, try the “5-3-1” method

If you and your partner are unable to decide what to prepare to eat or what movie to watch, try the “5-3-1” method: one partner counts 5 choices, the other sifts 2 of them that are not to his liking and then the first sifts the remaining two that are least enchanting. . So you are left with one option that you both will be happy with.

  1. Divide the responsibility among you fairly

The person who cooked the meal put a lot of time and effort into it, and after the meal, the only thing he feels like doing is resting. So the fairest thing is for the other spouse to wash the dishes. Even if you have a dishwasher, picking up the dishes from the table and taking care of order and cleanliness after the meal can make a significant difference in the feeling of the person who prepared the meal. It shows that you appreciate the hard work he has done.

  1. Make sure you have a room for privacy

Every couple living together needs one room where they can be locked up. It can be used as a room for a light nap without anyone being able to interfere, reading, listening to music, having private conversations and even crying when such a situation happens. Sometimes a little break and paying attention to ourselves can only do good for our relationship.

  1. Appreciate each other in words

India to each other for everything! Of course you should not exaggerate and exaggerate when your spouse just takes down the garbage, but it is nice to show appreciation even for the everyday things you have been used to doing for years. This will strengthen your relationship and can make a routine less tedious if it exists in your relationship.

How to improve married life
  1. Do not get upset about silly mistakes

Do not tell your spouse that they are wrong about things that are not really important. For example, if your spouse says that Steven Spielberg directed the movie Star Wars, smile a little at heart, but do not tease him about not knowing that George Lucas is actually the director (a common mistake). Another thing to avoid is to correct your spouse’s syntax errors in public. If no one commented, leave a comment for yourself. Instead of taking the opportunity to teach and educate, in front of others it will show that you do not actually support or do, so it is advisable to avoid it.

  1. Learn to let go when spouses mistakenly admit

Speaking of mistakes, it is advisable to learn how to let go when someone admits their mistake, especially if it is a minor thing. You can design an amusing “punishment system” in which when someone makes a mistake, he should tell a joke or sing an amusing song as a “punishment”. This way you will replace the resentment and the “I told you so” in an amusing moment that you will share together, and you will know that the other person is aware of his mistake.

  1. Think well before you say meaningful things

When the conversation between you heats up or gets complicated and prevents you from thinking clearly, ask your spouse to give you a moment to bind your thoughts instead of saying what you have to say. Saying the wrong thing can be much worse than an awkward moment of silence between you that interrupts the conversation.

  1. Try the “he’s not an idiot” method

When you get mad at each other, imagine yourself as a writer writing a novel or a screenwriter writing a movie and deciding that your protagonist is an “idiot” who is behaving in a way that hurts you like your spouse at the moment. If you do, you will have the opportunity to rethink things from your spouse’s point of view and make them sympathetic to readers or viewers, and so will you. It will also help you better understand them, their motives and what goes through their minds.

How to improve married life
  1. Say “thank you” instead of “I’m sorry”

Too many couples emphasize the flaws in their spouses and forget that they too are imperfect. Concentrate on the positive aspects of your relationship instead of the negative ones. By diverting attention to the positive things and the things you are thankful for instead of the things you are sorry for, you will eliminate the negative things from the moment you are.

  1. Put money aside for fun

For a truly happy relationship you must make sure you have moments of pleasure that will break the routine, and it is advisable to put some money aside each month to save for such activities. The amount you keep depends on you and your income, as well as the nature of their activities and frequency. You do not have to save thousands of shekels for a week-long vacation, but it can also be a romantic evening in a restaurant. Keeping these savings will help you avoid stress in the relationship when you know you always have the option to stop everything and go have fun with each other.

  1. Try the “30 Day Challenge” to improve married/relationship life

How to improve married life? Take for yourself 30 days in which you commit to doing a little more for your spouse each day to improve your relationship. On each day of the month find the appropriate number for that day and follow the tip. For example, if you started the challenge on the 19th of the month, start with tip number 19. You can repeat this every few months and it will do wonders for your relationship and you will not ask how to improve married life.

  • Ask “How can I help you today?”
  • Let the whole day pass without correcting the spouse’s mistake.
  • Hug your partner 3 times.
  • Kiss your partner the first time you see them in the morning.
  • Say to yourself “he / she really loves our family and does the best for us”.
  • Bake, prepare or even buy your spouse’s favorite food.
  • Leave a note for your spouse
  • Set a “date” for the rest of the month.
  • Sit for a few minutes and imagine what it feels like to be in your partner’s shoes.
  • Concentrate on being nice and kind today.
  • Tell your spouse “I’m glad I married you”.
  • Take an object that will remind you of an evening or a fun moment with your partner and remember that moment.
  • Do not be cynical today towards your spouse.
  • Remember how lucky you are to be married to your spouse.
  • Make a list in your head of 10 positive things you find in your partner.
  • Thank your spouse for everything he / she does for the family.
  • Laugh at least 5 times with your partner.
  • Think about the character your spouse values ​​and try to take inspiration from your behavior today.
  • Do all your spouse’s chores and let him / her rest.
  • Kiss your partner by surprise 3 times.
  • When you go to bed, play with your partner’s hair or gently pat your hand and try to fall asleep only after he / she falls asleep.
  • Dance today to the sounds of your two favorite songs.
  • Bring together a memory from the past.
  • Do not interrupt your spouse in the middle of the speech throughout the day.
  • Consult your spouse about the issue you are debating and share his / her decision.
  • Encourage your spouse to do whatever he / she wants to do.
  • Go for a walk or a run together.
  • Look at your spouse in admiration throughout the day.
  • Turn off electronics, including computers, televisions, and telephones.
  • Concentrate on the word ‘love’ and its meaning for you.


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