How will the corona plague affect your relationship?

How will the corona plague affect your relationship?
How will the corona plague affect your relationship?

“When it’s all over, divorce lawyers are going to be very busy.” Such and other statements have been heard quite a bit lately during the Corona plague, but are they too cynical? So How will the Corona plague affect your relationship?

Well, whether we like it or not, the corona plague that brought with it social distance has caused changes in the dynamics of most relationships. On the one hand it may sound ideal, who does not want more time with his partner? On the other hand, many people also need time alone. If we add to this the fact that the couple cannot do many activities that they were used to so far, one can begin to understand why the situation may harm the relationship.

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To examine how the corona plague affects matrimonial systems, a survey was conducted among about 550 Americans who are in matrimony. Here are some of the results of the survey:

Has the virus changed your relationship?

Despite gloomy predictions about the effect of the virus on relationships, most respondents to the survey claimed that the virus did not change their relationship (74%).

A smaller proportion of people felt that the virus changed their relationship slightly for the better or slightly for the worse (17%), and only 5% felt that the plague had led to a very large damage to their relationship.

Of course, the fact that most respondents did not notice the change does not mean that things have not changed. In addition, the good and bad changes may balance each other out – it’s nice to spend more time with the people we love, and it may balance out with the pressures we experience because of the plague.

In addition, a longitudinal study conducted among more than 1,500 spouses found that about 57% of them reported that they would like to feel closer to their spouses. In other words, when spouses experience a crisis together, it may adversely affect the relationship, but the benefits of overcoming difficulties together may ultimately bring them closer together and strengthen the relationship.

Has the virus changed the frequency with which you argue?

As couples spend more time together, the potential for conflict increases. Whether it’s dishwashing arguments or disagreements over Ministry of Health guidelines, arguments are a natural and integral part of a relationship.

At the same time, most of the respondents to the survey (70%) claimed that the frequency of their arguments did not change. Only about 10% claimed to argue more, and 18% claimed to argue less. It is possible that when couples spend more time together they are also required to communicate more.

At the same time, it is possible that spending a lot of time together helps to deal with conflicts in a more balanced and calm way, instead of letting problems accumulate and explode in a big fight.

How will the corona plague affect your relationship?
How will the corona plague affect your relationship?

Has the virus changed your sex life?

The most popular forecast, apart from a wave of divorces, is the “baby boom” of the Corona period. Respondents to the survey were not asked about the change in the frequency with which they have sex, but were generally asked about their sex lives, assuming that when talking about sex, quantity is not as important as quality. Most of the respondents to the survey claimed that their sex lives remained about the same.

However, more people reported improvement in sex life (9%) compared to those who reported worsening (5%). As we know from previous studies, the relationship between spending time together, stress and intimacy is tangled and can produce a variety of effects. On the one hand, when couples experience more stress they usually report a decrease in sexual satisfaction.

On the other hand, when you spend a lot of time together there is usually an increase in intimacy and sexual satisfaction. The corona plague produces these two experiences in parallel.

Does your relationship reduce or increase your stress levels?

The corona plague brought with it much pressure. We know from previous studies that over time, stress may undermine the quality of a relationship. A relationship can help us cope and feel better in times of stress, but it can also make us feel worse.

Although most of the respondents to the survey claimed that their relationship does not affect their stress level (59%). About 14% of respondents felt that the relationship reduced stress, but this finding was more common among unmarried respondents.

In addition, more than a quarter of respondents felt that their relationship increased the stress they were experiencing. This figure was more common among women. But, men should also be apprehensive, because previous studies have found that when women were more stressed, their partner’s heart rate was also higher on average.

In Conclusion

The results show that even under the threat of events beyond our control, relationships can be quite remarkably resilient. It is important to remember that difficulties in our lives are inevitable, but that does not mean that our relationship is doomed to failure.

Relationships are often not perfect, and even in good times conflicts arise. When times get tough, we need to remember that our partner is our rock, and most of us even consider him our best friend (83%).

When we go through a global epidemic alongside our best friend it can make it a little easier for us, and if we know how to communicate properly – we may also be able to strengthen the relationship we already share with him. “We hope we answered the question of how will the corona plague affect your relationship?” Please comment below and let us know!


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