Is he serious about you? Depends on the time when he texts you

“Awake?” Does not always indicate positive connotations and it also depends on when it is sent • Examine what kind of man he is – by the time of the text

When it comes to text messages between him and her it suddenly seems that 24 hours are divided into three main periods of time per day. Morning, noon and night.

If ever, a man texted you late at night, it was clear to you that he had no serious intentions towards you. Recently, there is more and more evidence of messages from guys in the morning. Wait, but whoever texts in the morning means something else, right? And if he texts you at noon? Confused? We too. Therefore, one should once and for all understand:

What does the time he texted you says?

Deceptive: 7AM-10AM

The time for morning texting is limited, for the reason that between these hours most people are awake and getting ready for work. The morning hours are the most confusing for the reason that every message the guy sends has several interpretations:

1. The guy has been thinking about you all night and he wants to be aware of you so, good morning messages and a lovely day are innocent and wonderful and he wants you to get up with the best feeling there is.

2. But, following the technological development and the extensive use of digital language there are more and more men (naughty and cheeky) texting you in the morning as if it were now 12 at night.

It starts with a very early message of a good morning or how you slept, if these messages have no purpose or extension of having a wonderful day, there is no doubt that the guy is trying to develop something else here. We will not go into details but as we mentioned earlier, in the digital age people have different and weird requests. Who among us has not received a poor message of “Send a picture?” It’s just a pity that it’s almost 07:00 and there are almost no people who want to be photographed.

man texting
Morning? Noon? Night?

Respectful: 12PM-4PM

A guy who suddenly texts you in the middle of the day, it’s one who gives respect. There’s something about men not waiting for the “right” time to send a message that just does it for us. A man who texts you in the middle of the day, it’s probably a man you’re sure passing in his mind. He already really wants to see you, otherwise he would not have tried to “armor” you ahead of time for a date.

How do you know he has a serious intention? If he shares with you even the most unimportant things he goes through during the day, it indicates a desire to develop a daily conversation and create interest in even the simple and ordinary things of everyday life. Men who want only one thing from you, may already be avoiding texting you, a sexy message in particular, when eating falafel for lunch. It’s heavy, literally.

Cheeky: 9PM-12AM

Those who text you between these hours, do not really mean that you will meet for a beer or coffee and talk about current affairs. At these hours, people are sitting at home, after dinner and showering, lying on the couch in the living room in front of the TV, no one thinks the night is still young anymore. Until suddenly a small message tries to take them out of the comfort zone straight into another comfort zone. Therefore, you have nothing to be confused with such a message whether it is explicit like: “awake?” or “how are you?” Its purpose is to invite you to a wild night without commitment.

Ultimately, a man who is in your interest is simply in your interest and he does not keep you to the end of the day (morning or night) but wants to keep in touch with you throughout the day. Notice when he talks to you. If you’re available for him in the early morning or late at night and you’re not really into the stunts fling scene, text him that you’re really not awake and he’s better eave you quietly to continue sleeping, because these guys are not worth your attention!

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