“Looking for a funny man like my dad”

She believes in attraction at first sight but understands that love requires work. Meet Jordan Harel, a culinary tour guide who dreams of true love, good friendships and an amusing man like her father. “The Matchmaker”, a new generation that will find love for you.

With the look of a nature girl and a naughty and mischievous look, Jordan Harel (34), a guide and culinary tour guide, captivates everyone who encounters her. Jordan is the ultimate combination of bustling urbanity with rural romance. On the one hand, she lives in New York and flies through the nightlife of the big city, and on the other hand she can not do without jumping into a natural spring and walking the paths of USA. “Nature is my default,” Harel explains to me, “it flows in my arteries, even though I was a bit freaked out in New York.”
Do you believe in love at first sight?
“I believe in attraction at first sight. Love is something that needs to be worked for.”
How long have you been single?

“The serious and last relationship I had ended three years ago, but I have had short relationships and attempts ever since.”
How long does your longest relationship last?
“five years”.

When was the last time you were offended by someone?
“Many years ago, when I was given up after a relationship that lasted four years. Today I understand that it was the right thing to do, and that the relationship just built and matured me. Since then I don’t really remember a hard feeling of insult or heartbreak like that.”
What major lesson did you learn from that relationship?
“I learned that I deserve the best there is, that love is fragile and that I need to give myself more credit than I have given in the past.”
Romantically, what have you understood about yourself over the years?
“I realized I’m not a jealous person. That I trust myself and that strong friendships and true love are something that makes me happy. I would improve the time it takes me to get organized before I go out, and I would preserve how I know how to pamper when I love.”
How mature are you for a serious relationship?
“Ripe than ever.”
How it manifests itself?
“I really want it, and apart from the infamous apps I make sure it’s in the minds of my friends – I keep asking them to introduce me to singles. And when there’s someone who interests me, I give a real chance to a relationship.”

Is it difficult to meet single men in apps?
“It’s convenient and easy but also cheap and mundane. It’s hard to come up with something that holds. And if we’re talking about it, then men, please internalize: our first meeting will not be with you at home. It’s a disgusting offer. Served as a public service.”
“Real connection and friendship. Everything else will come on its own”.
What qualities are you looking for in your partner?
“A funny man is the thing that makes me do it most of all. I also know why.”
“A moment of honesty, my dad is the funniest man I know. In short, the Electra complex,” she says and bursts out laughing. “So I am looking for a funny man but also one with a head on his shoulders, one who knows what he wants from himself, with joy of life. It is important to me that we have a common language, that he be smart and warm and perfect.”

What is the most important element in a relationship?
“Real connection and friendship. Everything else will already come on its own. I don’t have a grocery list.”

Jordan Harel picture
Jordan Harel

What’s your ‘deal breaker’?
“A man who has a hint of violence or racism. Beyond that, even someone who is in Chapter B with fewer children would suit me. I would rather know someone of my status.”
How open are you to the opinions of others?
“I have patience, I am a pretty open and accepting person, and for me it’s all a matter of way and form of expression. Many times, more than disagreement is difficult for me with exchanges between people, and I will explain: I do not engage in politics but belong more to the left of the map. “A long time ago I got into a conversation with someone who holds right-wing views. There were moments when the tones went up and the conversation went ugly. In my opinion, different or similar opinions are not what matters. If you know how to speak respectfully, these gaps do not change at all.”

Describe to me the perfect date for you.
“The perfect date for me is one that doesn’t stop talking, that there is chemistry, no matter where it happens. But if it’s already a location, then it could be near a water source. Say, a trip to the beach tor some cold spring , when we sing the songs out loud. “They also play billiards, but we can save that for later.”
What are your hobbies?
“I like to walk and be in the water and springs, I’m kind of a fish. I also really like theater, shows, hanging out with friends at a bar and baking. Oh, and I like parking.”
Parking ?!
“I love the challenge. The denser, the cooler it is. New York makes you tough, there is nothing to do about that. “
What is the most beautiful thing about you?
“The hair.”

And in the segment of character?
“I am a very sociable person and can get along in any situation. I also have great sensitivity, but that is also what knocks me down. Your strengths and weaknesses are always two sides of the same coin.”
“Because I’m very sensitive to my environment and absorb every person and nuance – which is a beautiful thing, but sometimes I can also take to heart something that has nothing to do with me at all. Hope I got better at it.”

How many children do you want?
“We’ll start with one, maybe we’ll get to three.”

Jordan harel picture
Jordan Harel

What is tattooed on your body?
“In the ’80s, my grandmother drew thousands of paintings as part of an encyclopedia called FLORA PALAESTINA, from which I chose to tattoo two paintings. I even left her signature.”
What’s the last series you binged?
“Shameless- the American version, and now a second season has come up for the Brigade and I really enjoy it. It reminds me of my military service as a medic.”
What music do you hear?
“Music was very present in my childhood home. My father played us the Beatles, Simon and Garfinkel. I also love Pink Floyd, Kat Stevens and more. Today I am addicted to the soundtrack of the wonderful musical HAMILTON.”
What excites you?
“The Dyson I asked for and received a birthday present a month ago. It also betrays my age.”
What were you in the previous incarnation?
“Panda bear”.

Who is your celebrity preferred type?
“Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, Bruce Willis.”
What makes you a man?
“Face and arms.”
Where can I hit on you?
On Facebook or Instagram.


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