Love In The Time Of Covid , Zoom Speed Dating

We found a woman who’s willing to tell us how it was; love in the time of Covid, zoom speed dating! For two hours, Jen Krasner talked to no less than 15 singles through the zoom. One talked about piety, the other was 13 years older than her, the third had three children and the fourth thought it was a job interview. See you on the next date?
Love In The Time Of Covid
Love In The Time Of Covid

Do you know what a speed-date is? I first heard about the concept when I was 18. I was just watching the first episode of the series “Knitted”, and I remember Jenna sitting at table number 5, and encountering a variety of creatures that made her regret the moment she even tried. Then came Nathan, the handsome and sought-after doctor, and Jenna was stunned. How could such a worthwhile man even think of getting there? She wondered.

“What does a guy like you do in a place like this?”, She asked him, curious. “What is a girl like you doing here?” He answered her, until he revealed that he had been inspired by his mother. “My mother registered me,” he admitted. “She’s stressed I’m not getting married.” A few minutes later they had already left and really became friends, and Jen even invited him to a family Friday dinner.

I remember actually laughing when I saw it. At the time, I said to myself, “There’s no way in the world this is going to happen to me. I’ll get married long before this idea of ​​going on a speed date at all comes to mind.”

12 years later, and here I am signing up for the first speed-date in my life. And even though I felt just like Jenna, that there was no way I would find a normal person in such a place to talk to me, I still hoped that the one man who would fit would still come at the end. After all, that’s all I really need – not a million, not a hundred, not ten, just one suitable man.

I said to myself, “Whatever” I took a breath, applied some makeup and lipstick to my face, and sat down in front of the computer, ready to meet my lover. If you thought that a date on a zoom is a strange experience, then just think what a speed date is that is done like this.

Love In The Time Of Covid

At eight o’clock in the evening I went to the link that the organizer had emailed me, and sent me to the screen with dozens of others who had gathered together for an event planned to take place despite the plague.

“The corona will not stop us!”, The organizer announced to all the men and women who began to appear in the small squares. “Each couple will be given seven minutes to talk alone, and half a minute before the exchange you will be notified of the end of the conversation. I ask to keep as few negative things as possible, not to talk about politics or exes,” she ordered.

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And then it started.

I’m sitting in front of the zoom and instead of a man, a girl comes up in front of me! It turns out that because the dates were arranged by the names of boys and girls, and the girl who appeared in front of me, Roni, had a unisex name – they managed to get confused.

After a few seconds, during which we both laughed at the mishap, a figure of a man finally appeared on the screen in front of me. And so, for two hours, I talked to no less than 15 men I had never seen alive.

One asked me dry questions, which felt like a long, ongoing job interview. The other was a little nicer, but he repented and I knew it would not work. The third asked me, “If reverence is important to me,” and already there I realized that it would not progress, because even though I have a strong connection to tradition, it is not something that really matters to me.

The fourth told me that he works in graphics but is divorced with three children. Look, I really do not rule out divorces, but I felt that entering into such a relationship would be less suitable for me now.

Love In The Time Of Covid
Love In The Time Of Covid

The fifth was 13 years older than me, and even though that age is just a number, to me it would have seemed like an abysmal gap. The sixth was actually cute, and I marked it as one that might have potential for something in the future.

The seventh told me he was unemployed and never left his parents’ house, the eighth did a weird pantomime game with me, and there I also discovered how bad my improvisation skills are.
The ninth failed to operate the zoom and every second the screen got stuck, and the tenth told me he was in his car because he had not yet left work.

The lighting around him was dim and I could barely see his face. From that point on, I lost my ability to concentrate, and I felt like it was already too many faces for one evening. Out of 15 men I marked three. Someone like Nathan, the wanted doctor, I did not find there.

The next day the organizer of the speed-date called to tell me that I had found a match with one of the participants, the sixth guy. “I’ve handed him your phone number, and keep going,” she said, adding, “I must tell you you were very much in demand, and a lot of guys you did not mark did mark you on their part.” I was glad to hear her words, and it made me feel pretty good about myself, but for a moment I did not regret reducing the number of names I marked.

It is not easy to find connection and chemistry in such a short time, and certainly when there is a screen that separates us. It could be that if the speed-dating had taken place off-screen, I would have added more men to the list that I had not marked. I know not everyone can go through a screen, which is a shame.

A few minutes later, the guy who was found as a “match” for me on Speed-Date sent me a message. “Hey , how are you? I’d love to talk to you tonight.” I replied, “cool, sounds good,” but I haven’t heard from him since.

Maybe my dry message lowered his desire? I do not know, and the truth is that I did not delve into it too much either.

In short, I moved on to the next date. In the end you only need one person, but how many more frogs will I have to meet along the way? By the way, Nathan, the handsome and sought-after doctor that Jenna found on her speed-date, also turned out to be a frog in the end.

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