When your ex rises from the dead

Many single men and women report that in the days of the Corona, exes and exes from the past, who once disappeared without saying a word, appear and now they raise their heads from the ashes, signaling that they are alive and that they will be very happy to meet. A comeback in the days of Corona

According to the laws of nature, mushrooms are known to emerge after the rain. During the summer snakes peek and at night cute little animals emerge from the burrows in which they hide. And if it rains next to the sun, a rainbow will pop up in the cloud and fill the sky and those who look at it with optimism. But there is another natural phenomenon that for some reason is forgotten to mention: in the days of the Corona, masses of exes from the past, who once disappeared without saying a word, and now they lift their heads from the ashes, signal to us that they are alive and very happy to meet us.

“She gave me a really hard time but it ended in phone sex”
“The Corona period is the golden age of the douches. They must be sitting at home and dying horny. I have no doubt that a lot of girls get messages from all sorts of guys who were suddenly mentioned,” says Daniel (all names in the article were changed to keep respondents private). “I admit that I, too, am the kind of douche who is bored to death,” he adds honestly. “Tinder is irrelevant to me because I will not make an effort to meet someone new when there is nothing to do with it. So, just when I thought I was going crazy, someone I went out with popped up.”
What does “pop up” mean?
“I did not think at all that she would ever talk to me, because as I mentioned, I’m a douche and I did a disgusting thing to her and I disappeared after a few dates. “I think she had the courage to initiate a conversation with me just because on days like this there is not so much ego because everyone is in the same status: alone, without stimuli and very bored.”

“She really had a serious charge on me and she blew me up with angry complaints about what I did,” he adds. “Come on, other days I might not have been able to contain it, but I was patient, and after I got on my head it ended in sex. Phone sex,” he says amused. “It was really fun and I’m sure we’ll continue to chat these days, and congratulations to her for saying what she said. It’s thanks to the Corona, I’m sure.”

“It’s like a man on MDMA. When the effect passes the emotion disappears too”
“N. is a guy I knew on the big trip after the school, and we already had a click there,” recalls Nina, 23, from New York. “When I returned to the country we went on four dates, each date lasted between five and six hours. Our last date, before he disappeared, was exactly a year ago and I have not heard from him since. Two weeks ago, when we were really at the climax of isolation, he suddenly started liking me and responding to photos on social media like Instagram, and finally also sent me a message. It was clear that it was solely because of the current period.”

How did you react?
“I was suspicious of him but he insisted we meet. I really had nothing to do and it suited me to bring some interest into my day-to-day life. The very fact that he took a chance and risked a serious fine, and drove all the way from the south area to my area where I live , was very flattering. Of course this happened before they banned crossing cities. By the way, when we met we did not sit at the bar because everything is closed of course. We sat on a bench in a public garden in my hood, talked a lot, kissed full because really no one was out, and all the magic that was on our dates came back. “
So what’s the problem anyway?
“What’s annoying? Even after this date he suddenly started to disappear on me!”, She answers angrily. “Does not respond to messages, hardly makes contact. I realized that the days of the corona deceive people, just like I experienced on my trip to India, when a man taking MDMA is in love all over the world, but it also passes him once the drug effect wears off. “It’s not their routine. We’re all alone, so from this much loneliness we sometimes do things we would not normally mean. Of course, once he pops up again, I’ll know where to push him back.

“For my concern the corona can continue until I find my husband”
“In recent days I have noticed an interesting phenomenon, that the guys who rejected me outright, or those who did not bother to respond to the message at all, reappear and write to me. At first I thought there was a problem with my cell phone but no!”, Says John, 31, from New York. “I’m a handsome guy, I’m not insecure, but I have enough experience and dates from Tinder to know which types are attracted to me and which are not. I have corresponded over the past year with girls who seem to have taken them from a catalog of women’s underwear”.

“This week I started talking to two very hot women from my past,” he says. “With one of them I went out for quite some time but she disappeared, and with the other I have poor correspondence in chat, correspondence in which I mostly correspond with myself. Why did they suddenly remember me, each separately? In my opinion this is due to several reasons: first of all , The distance – they both live close enough to me not to risk getting a police ticket. The second reason is a combination of bring randy AND boredom .Maybe because they are over from ‘Dick-Pick’ pictures and are really looking for someone to talk to. The latter reason is that the Corona days make people perhaps think a little out of the box, and get to know people who have not always been their natural choice. The corona makes us all hot. “
This sounds rather optimistic.
“Right now I have no complaints, it’s quite nice to me and even flatters me to feel courted by people who have not put on me, so for me these corona days will continue until I find my wife.”

“The worst thing in my past has become the best thing in my present”
“My ex and I were together for a year and a half and we broke up about six months ago,” says Cynthia, 28, from New York. “The breakup was very ugly and we haven’t been in touch since. One day I got a message from him. At first I got nervous and was in shock. So many tears were shed on him and I couldn’t believe we would talk again.”
Oh. And how did you react?
“I think if we were on normal days, I would play the game and react to it only after a few days to suffocate, but because there is not much to do these days, then every emotion is much more powerful than usual. No job, no Pilates class and nothings to help you cope “With the feelings. I did not hold myself and sent him a message back after a few hours.”

Then what happened?
“From there, I do not know why, but I agreed that we would meet, despite the fear of the Corona infection. At first he came on a date under my porch. We met like this several times and it was amazing! As if we knew each other again!” “And about us. If not for the corona, I doubt he would have dared to talk to me at all or understand that he was missing me.”
“For me, if the ex was the worst thing in my past, then thanks to the corona it is the best thing in my present,” Cynthia concludes. “I don’t know what will happen when we get back to routine, but right now it’s really fun and I feel like we have a chance to mend our relationship after that breakup.”

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