New Research Reveals Why Optimism Is So Important In A Relationship

In a relationship, whether it is fresh and new or long-lasting, there are quite a few important values ​​that both spouses believe need to be preserved and guaranteed, such as loyalty, honesty, mutual support and more. But just look at your relationship for a moment and say: Is there room for optimism in it as well? Is the positive outlook on the relationship and life important to you, and to what extent does it play a role in your spouse? In a period that can be as confusing and stressful as the corona days we are experiencing now, optimism may be as valuable as a relationship, and it turns out that there is now scientific proof of how important this belief is in a relationship – not only mentally, but also long-term mental health and wellness. To better understand why optimism is so significant to a relationship and learn how you can put it more into your relationship, we have prepared the following article for you, which we hope will help you adopt this right approach.

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The study states: Optimistic partners help you maintain your cognitive abilities
A wide-ranging study conducted at the University of Michigan and published in the Journal of Personality Research in 2019 suggests that the secret to keeping a sharp mind and a functioning brain as you get older and older, may well be that you have optimistic partners. Although previous studies have linked a person’s optimism to prolonging longevity and his or her own normal and healthy cognitive functioning, the present study emphasized his or her partner’s optimism, and whether a partner’s positive attitude to life can maintain a person’s high cognitive function over time. .

For the benefit of the study, the research team assembled a group of no less than 4,457 heterosexual couples, all Americans aged 50 and over, and they constituted a fairly large and diverse research group. At the beginning of the research process, the degree of optimism of the respondents was assessed by filling out questionnaires; Along the way, the cognition level of the subjects was examined every two years, for a period of 8 years, with the researchers examining the short-term memory level and their computational memory, and the participants were asked to rate their memory quality at the daily level. In total they were tested for the degree of their brain function 5 times over time.

The results of this long-term and comprehensive study showed researchers that not only was the cognitive functioning of optimistic people better over time, as might be assumed, but also that the results of those who were married to optimistic types were higher. William G. Chopik, a psychology professor who was one of the leaders in the study, notes that optimistic people tend to behave healthier, such as exercising, maintaining a balanced diet and weight, and so on – and this is one of the reasons they are at reduced risk for cognitive decline.

The research before you, as you can understand, shows that even a relationship with an optimistic person can give you the same benefits. Chopik and his team of experts speculate that the reasons for this are that an optimistic partner serves the other as an example of a positive lifestyle and healthy behavior, and that such couples tend to share their memories, so they can remember their life experiences in a tangible and detailed way.

So is it possible to change a couple’s attitude and adopt optimism in a relationship?
If the results of this fascinating study have convinced you to put optimism into your relationship, to improve the quality of the relationship and keep your cognitive health maintained over time, know that Professor Chopik explains that 25% of optimism is an inherited matter, but it is also an ability to learn.

Chopik further notes that most of the work in this transition towards the positive vision, depends on the degree to which the person wants to change and the number of steps he is willing to take to do so. To adopt an optimistic attitude one should not only make the mindset more positive, but also feel that things can be done better and improved in the future. “Optimistic people think that their success comes from within while their failures stem from external factors beyond their control,” explains Professor Chopik, “this is a bias they have, but it usually leads them to be happier and more successful over time.”

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6 tips for adopting optimism into your relationship
So how can you put a little more optimism and a positive outlook into your relationship, and thereby also ensure the maintenance of your and your spouses’ cognitive functioning? Here are some good tips that can help you with this:

  1. Keep a distance from bad emotions
    For the optimist, the glass always has a half that is full, and even though he knows that there is also a half that is empty – he will make sure to choose to look at the full one. Even in the most difficult times in life and in a relationship, the optimist will still find something good in them. When at least one spouse takes this approach – the bad feelings have little chance of surviving, and if both spouses look at life that way, the success of the relationship can be guaranteed. Therefore, even if your spouse is going through a difficult time, know that an optimistic attitude can balance everything and the bad feelings, whether they are towards someone or something, will not hold for long.
  1. Build trust together
    One of the most important foundations for building optimism in your relationship is the shared trust, on which your relationship should rest. To be optimistic means to always look at the bright and good side of any situation, and when such an attitude prevails in the relationship between you, your spouse will indeed not feel bad feelings and suspicion towards you and will return you with the same optimistic and positive currency.
  2. Take care to maintain happiness
    With all that has been said so far, it should be remembered that the reasons to be optimistic in a relationship are many more than just preventing bad feelings and maintaining trust. Being with each other also means sharing happy moments together – and preserving them. When there is trust in the relationship and an optimistic and positive outlook on life, there will be no shortage of happiness in the home that will grow each day – but you must preserve and maintain it, by capturing your good moments together.
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  1. Assist in coping in difficult times
    Different situations in life can be bad or good just by the way you look at them and experience them – it is clear and known. If you are pessimistic, you will never be able to look on the positive side and everything will be black and black for you, but this is an attitude that can and should be changed, especially in a relationship. Even if you are prone to pessimism at times, you should change your perspective on your spouse when it comes to difficult situations to help them overcome. It is your optimism that will give them the courage and hope to overcome the gloomy situation, and they will repay you if you, God forbid, get caught up in such times.
  2. Encourage the flow of positive energy into the relationship
    In an optimistic relationship there is no difficulty that is too great to overcome, and especially in difficult times there should be clear solutions that will help deal with any obstacle. Adopting such an approach by you, and transmitting it to your spouses at all times, will help you put into your relationship a serious amount of positive energy that will stimulate your relationship and also bring your spouses to develop the much-needed optimism.
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  1. Lower pressure
    When feelings like happiness, trust, positivism and love exist and are prevalent in your relationship – there is no room for unnecessary stress and tension. In the same way it can also be said that the less you stress from your relationship, the more you will allow optimism to come in and seep into you and your spouses. When the positive outlook is present and exists, and when you make yourself and your life partner adopt it, so the anxieties, fears and stresses will go away, and you will be able to enjoy a calm life and better brain function.

In conclusion…
Optimism, as you can see, has benefits at every step of life. This belief gives movement to life and makes everyone full of hope for a better future. For the sake of your spouse and your common future, and as you could understand from the latest research on the matter – also for the sake of your mental health and that of your life partner, it is recommended that you put the limitless optimism into your relationship and know how to embrace it together with both hands.


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