No Ring No Monogamy!

Listen well – No ring no monogamy! She is called “the coach who will get you the ring,” and her glorious resume has so far listed 182 women who have won marriage proposals. We heard from Sammi Wonder what the secret of her success is, and why you should not romantically commit to one man until he offers you to marry him.
No Ring No Monogamy
“No Ring No Monogamy” – Sammy Wonder

After countless frogs that have not really become princes, a cute elf enters, and guess what? He wants only you and no one else! He wants you to be “his girlfriend.” Would you agree? The gut feeling says yes, but maybe you better sleep on it for a moment.

Sandra came to me sad and sore after saying goodbye to a man she was sure would be her husband and the father of her children. “He just did not want to get married,” she said sadly. “I spent three years on a man who is unwilling to commit.”

This phenomenon of women who put their trust in the wrong man, who “wastes” precious time that will never come back, is a familiar and common phenomenon. One who engages in this a lot is the successful love coach, Sammy Wonder, who within two years has become a dizzying international success.

Coveted media outlets from around the world call her “the coach who will get you the ring”, and her glorious resume has so far listed no less than 182 women who have won marriage proposals. What is the secret behind the ring? I met with Sammy for a crowded “zoom” conversation to decipher the winning formula.

Like many other coveted bachelorettes, the expert also encountered many difficulties in her romantic life. “Something there just didn’t work. It didn’t work for me,” she says in a zoom interview with us. “There was a time when I thought I found the one, but over time he started getting lazy in the relationship, until he just broke up with me on the pretext that I was a wonderful girl, but that’s just not it.”

So familiar and painful.
“Right. So at first my heart broke but already the next day I decided enough was enough, there’s probably something here I’m doing that just doesn’t work and I need to understand what it is.”

No Ring No Monogamy
No Ring No Monogamy!

Dating in rotation
As a traditional Indian woman living in Germany, she wondered if it was okay to date a man without having sex with him. She feared that no one would want her if she did so and abstained.

“When I started to really love myself, I realized that it’s okay to want what I want, and that there is a man who would be willing to accept it. I got my confidence and realized that I’m not looking to play with a friend and girlfriend, Until then, I will keep my options open. “

The new method worked, and very quickly she met Chris, who in just nine months offered her to marry him. Her German friends who watched the process were shocked. According to her, they were sure that no man would commit in this way. Sammy did not listen to them. “If you love and appreciate yourself and men see it, you will never lose the right man,” she clarifies.

In light of her success with Chris, more and more companies turned to her for advice. She realized that very many people needed help with love matters, and after undergoing proper training, she set up a company that after only two years accompanied more than 85,000 women from 14 different countries.

The method she teaches is called ” rotation dating”, and just like the practice she tried on Chris – do not commit to an exclusive relationship, but go on dates and meet several men at the same time, until one arrives who transcends them all and offers eternal commitment.

No Ring No Monogamy!
No Ring No Monogamy!

How does the method work?
“Start with three men in rotation. In the second month, one is likely to have already gone down and then there will be two left. Finally, one of the men will stand out more.

This is your favorite man, who will take your best time. So it was with my husband Chris fighting for my time. I told him friend and girlfriend. It’s for teenagers or students, and at this point in my life I’m not looking for a friend, but a man for a lifetime, forever, someone to build a home with and start a family with. “

Is he not stressed about it?
“I made it clear to him that I did not intend to put pressure on him at all, but until I know that is what he wants, I see no reason to close the options and not see other men. For me, do not give a man too much access, until he makes his intentions clear and identical to yours , “She clarifies.

Does this mean that no woman should receive the title “girlfriend”?
“When a man wants you and is ready for a wedding and children, he knows very quickly if you are the one for him. Women think the way to get there is through a friend-girlfriend relationship.

Mistake. It is only a limiting belief. If you go back to traditional dating, men married women, men knew “If they want a woman, her body, your soul and her trust, they should offer her integrity, respect and status. Today the lives of men are much easier and of women much harder.”

Still, I insist, what will all those women who have already won the title of “girlfriend” do, and wait for the long-awaited offer too long? “If the woman is frustrated, she should initiate a conversation and tell her partner that she would be happy to know what his intentions are about her.

If these do not match hers, it is important that she knows about it so she can take care of herself, and fulfill them with someone else,” she says.

What if he thinks she’s giving him an ultimatum and gets scared?
“This is a very modest request. They both deserve to know what they want from this relationship and fulfill it. It has to do with equality in the relationship. These are powerful women who have empowering conversations with their man without shouting, without screaming and without breaking the tools.”

Do not change him , be authentic
But what happens if the spouse does not want to get married? Many women are sure that their man can be changed or at least his opinion on the subject, but this is a mistake whose end is known in advance.

This is exactly what happened to Sandra, who waited three years in anticipation and was left with a broken and disappointed heart.

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