Offered you a flick on Tinder? Caution, psychopath!

According to a new study, you should doubt anyone who offers you casual sex on Tinder, as he is more likely to be a psychopath. On the other hand, if you use Tinder yourself to find casual sex, you probably have such a personality too.

You sit bored at home, a moment after you’ve finished watching all nine seasons of “How I Met Your Mother,” and a second before you count toothpicks, because you just have to know how many of them are in the package. Then he sends you a message. He has a coveted profession, essential enough to continue earning but not coming into contact with patients. Wait, maybe he’s an epidemiological researcher? Yes, that’s exactly what he does. He is a detective who set out on a mission to save all of humanity.

You imagine him at least as sexy as Benedict Cumberbatch who plays the character of Sherlock Holmes, and at least as rich as Bruce Wayne just before he puts on his Batman costume and sets out to save the world.
Your superhero is so successful, that along with saving the world he also has time to hit on you on Tinder.

“I can not take you on a date, by virtue of the circumstances,” he apologizes, and you can literally imagine the smile spreading from side to side across his face. “So I’ll come to your house? We can play an epidemiologist and a corona patient.” Yes Yes. You should have known that bats should not be trusted right now. But not just them.
According to a new study you should doubt anyone who offers you casual sex on Tinder, as there is a chance that he is really similar to the character of Sherlock Holmes, but not in his outward form but in his pathological personality. Or in other words: he has a higher chance of being a psychopath. On the other hand, if you use Tinder to find casual sex, you probably have such a personality too.

The Dark Trinity: Narcissism, Manipulativeness and Psychopathy
The new study was published in the Journal of Individual Differences and focused on personal traits known in psychology as the “dark trinity”, including narcissism, manipulativeness and psychopathy. The researcher compared people who use Tinder with people who do not use the dating app, and found that Tinder users have a darker personality compared to people who do not use the dating app.

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“I enjoy researching topics that interest the public, and it’s clear that many enjoy learning more and more about Tinder,” says research author Bryce Sabi, of the Department of Psychology at the University of Connecticut. In a previous study of Tinder users, he found that they were less reluctant to have sexual situations, and more likely to engage in behaviors that were dangerous to their health and personal safety, even before we even knew physical intimacy threatened our health and the term “social distance” became commonplace.
The present study sought to continue the previous one and test Tinder users also in the context of the characteristics of the dark trinity. “The dark trinity of the personality has caught the attention of many researchers recently, who have found it to be related to casual sex behaviors,” he adds, “and since Tinder is known for being an app for casual relationships, I thought I should just explore the relationship between the two.”

For this purpose, the researcher recruited 271 participants, all American, 145 of them women and the rest men, aged between 18 and 73. The respondents were asked if they use Tinder, and 182 of the respondents who admitted and answered in the affirmative (85 women and 97 men) were asked why they use it. In addition, they had to fill out a questionnaire to assess individual traits of the dark trinity, and their orientation toward flicks was tested.
The manipulativeness of the respondents was tested by the degree of their agreement with statements such as: “I like to use sophisticated manipulation to get what I want”, the narcissism through the degree of agreement with statements such as: “Compare me to celebrities”, and psychopathy by the degree of agreement with sentences such as: It has to be fast and cruel. ” All in all, they sound like people who are worth catching a distance of much more than two meters.

Tinder users have been found to be more likely to agree with these statements, and therefore have a higher propensity for dark trinity features. In addition, they were found to have a higher propensity for flicks compared to people who do not use Tinder, when this is true for both men and women. Finally, Tinder users who used the app to find a sex partner tended to have more dark features than people who used the app to find a romantic partner.
This finding is consistent with the findings of another study published this year in the journal Current Psychology, which found that people who received a higher score in the psychopathy dimension tend to use Tinder to find casual sex. And not only that, but he also compared men to women, and found that men surpass women in all the dark qualities. Unsurprisingly, men have been found to have a greater tendency than women to use Tinder for the purpose of casual sex. Women, in case you were curious, were more likely than men to use Tinder to take revenge on their ex.

What is the connection between using Tinder, flirting and a dark personality? “If you have a Tinder match, this person is likely to have a darker personality than people who do not use Tinder,” the researcher explains. “However, because you use the app yourself, you probably have a darker personality than others. In addition, if a Tinder user is looking for a flick, he probably has an even darker personality. The connection between Tinder use and dark features does not exist for people who use Tinder to Find love, “he said.
Despite this, the causal relationship between the variables in the study is not clear enough. “We can not deduce about causality from the findings. It will be interesting to examine in a future study whether more people with dark features use Tinder, or whether Tinder affects the personalities of users,” he concludes.

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