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50 practical tips that will ensure you a happy and long married life

Although we enjoy laughing about the subject from time to time, married life and relationships can be quite difficult for men and women alike. Living together over time, raising children, dealing with crises and the need for support over the years are just some of the challenges each couple faces. Although many think that the formula for a perfect relationship is an unrealistic myth, or a matter so complex that no one has the ability to understand it, the reality is slightly different. There really is no formula for a perfect married life, and every relationship has disagreements, but if...

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5 Common Crisis in Marriage and Ways How to Resolve Them

The writer and poet Robert Lewis Stevenson once said, “Marriage is a long conversation, interspersed with conflicts,” and indeed, sooner or later, every couple goes through one crisis or another that is inevitable. The good news is that when you manage to deal with those crises, the couple grows out of them and reaches a new level in their relationship, and eventually find their unique ways to be happy with each other. You have nothing to fear from a marital crisis, as it is likely to come whether you like it or not, and it is a sign that your...

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Do You Regret Marrying Your First Sex?

Many of us are still with their first love. The question is whether marrying your first (and only) lover is a good idea or basis for remorse? “First love is only dangerous if it is also the last” – Bernislav Nozik”. I never wished I had ordered a fish if the steak I got was cooked to my liking.” – A woman who married her first lover. Many of us are still with their first love. Is marrying your first (and only) lover a bad idea? Do these couples regret not having any more romantic experiences? Is the quality of...