We Checked The Top Stereotypes In Relationships Between Men And Women

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“If you’re interested in him, do not sleep with him!” This is one of the most common pieces of advice that many experts, or alternatively heartbroken women, would agree with – but is it valid? Is this really the reason for the failure of relationships? How much of it depends on the guy? And is it really all he cares about is sex? We decided to get to the root of the matter and investigate the top stereotypes in a relationship.

In a recent online survey of 1,000 guys on sex, love and dating, the question was asked – “If you met a girl and slept with her that evening, is there a chance you will develop a serious relationship from it?”

Notice the answers:

  • 9% said there is no chance.
  • 28% said it was unlikely.
  • 21% said it was reasonable but hesitant.
  • 35% said that during sex there is no relevance to the potential of the relationship.
  • 7% indicated that none of these answers were appropriate.

The reasons behind the data, experts explain as a catch. The prevailing culture shapes men to believe that they want and need to want sex all the time. If a girl is interested, they must not refuse and they must strive to fulfill their needs without delay. All of these motivate them to pursue and agree to casual sex even if they do not enjoy it or find no interest in the girl. So the probability that they will want to continue in a relationship with the same girl with whom they slept, is low, which may explain the answers of 9% of the guys.

Of course there is no legality in the matter and most men admit that sex has no effect on the relationship, but a girl can never know if she falls for a guy who is at 9% or alternatively at 35%, so the implicit conclusion from the data is that if a girl wants to increase the potential for a relationship double, there will be no harm in waiting. It goes both ways, the gift will allow both the guy and the girl to understand their motives and desires from each other and as a whole, sex is an intimate act and it is very difficult to feel intimacy with a person you only knew a few hours ago.

Most true, in a situation where you know a new person and are undecided, is to ask yourself “Is it helpful to sleep with him now or should I take a few days and think about it?”

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Another question, no less interesting in matters of “he-she, why and when” is “where”?
You may not have paid attention to the matter, but one of the dilemmas that overwhelmingly concerns both sexes is where is the best place to have your first sex, with him or her?

Some girls prefer it to take place at home, in their safety and comfort space, on bedding that they trust and are sure is clean, where they will not feel unwanted afterwards. Some girls prefer it to be with him – the thought of getting the guy into their private space is a bit stressful and they prefer to stay in control and know that if they want to go later or stay, it depends on them mostly.

Guys also exercise considerations, make no mistake. Some guys prefer it to be with the girl, that way he won’t have to change sheets or risk the possibility that she will want to stay asleep. Some guys prefer it with them – as close and comfortable as possible. if you want? Stay. You do not want? Rather, more space in the bed.

What does the majority opinion say? Quite interestingly, there is no real hesitation on this issue – most of the girls prefer at his place and most of the guys prefer at their own place,how convenient…

Surprise! “Men want a relationship and don’t just care about sex!”

In the same online survey, the common stereotypes about men were discussed – are men cowards, not built for commitment and just looking to spread their semen? Although these stereotypes are based on facts, the explanations given to them are biased, hasty and erroneous.

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Fact: On average, men tend to get married at an older age.
Urgent conclusion: that’s because they are not built for commitment!

Yes, on average, a man is about two years older than his wife, but is it due to a desire to pull off the glory days as much as possible? The data show no. The survey found that 95% of men want to get married one day, but it is important for them to do so after promising themselves financial security. Men claim that they face very great social pressure – for them, a woman will find them suitable for a couple system only after they are more established and mature, which requires them time. The lack of readiness does not necessarily indicate a lack of commitment.

Fact: Evolutionary, men are driven by the need to reproduce.
Hasty conclusion: This means they are in a hurry to disperse their semen!

How many times have you heard the claim that men are evolutionarily built to spread their semen and that is why they fail to close the zipper? This has probably happened to you many times, but the fact that it is a common claim does not make it a proven scientific fact.

Humans generally avoid the need to reproduce, but why jump to the hasty conclusion that a man will want to do so with as many women as possible? True, a woman can conceive only once every 9 months, which may seem to slow down the rate of reproduction, but in the modern world, when a man is also required to support and care for his offspring, few men will want or be able to take care of a significant number of children.

Experts say that today it is much more important for a man to show commitment and protect one family, so that it will allow him to start breeding in the first place. It is much more correct to argue that men avoid the need to be good earners and partners, since only then can they reproduce.

Fact: Women have a biological clock.
Urgent conclusion: This means that men have a biological advantage over women!

In most cases it is true to claim that a man can fertilize a woman when he is 70 years old but a woman at this age will not be able to conceive, which ostensibly gives a man a biological advantage. But let’s be parquet, not many men want to have a child at the age of 70, regardless of the quality of sperm at this age …

True, women can give birth for a limited time, but why should it be dictated by the man? All the more so when the ownership of the womb is theirs. A man on the other hand, if he wants to reproduce and wants a family, he is entirely dependent on the woman. If so, women have a bigger advantage!

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Fact: Studies show that men are more likely to have casual sex or cheat than women.
Hasty conclusion: Men are completely driven by sex!

The sexual behavior of men and women is not really different from each other. Studies are based on the degree of self-sincerity of each party. While men tend to brag about the amount of casual sex, women do it a little less so that an image of a promiscuous or cheap person does not cling to them. If there is a difference in behavior and sexual desire, it can be explained by more cultural standards than by innate differences.

Fact: Men’s brains work differently than women’s brains.
Hasty conclusion: These differences explain why men only want sex or are idiotic when it comes to communication!

A number of neurobiologists who study the difference between the sexes in the human brain, argue that it is impossible to prove how the structural differences in the brain are translated into a different expression of emotions, attitudes
and behaviors. Basically, the difference in brain structure can only indicate the fact that there is a difference. How is it expressed or what is defined as normal or abnormal? This has been a matter of interpretation.

An entire theory can be based on stereotypes, but that does not make it true and proven.
The point is that science is not without stereotypes either. The choice of research subjects is entirely trending – so if the cultural perception is that men do not want commitment but sex, science will most likely find ways to prove and substantiate these assumptions. All the numbers, percentages and data prove that there is a stereotype! But the fact that it exists does not make it right.

To sum up, marital dynamics don’t go by the rules and one cannot learn from one test case over another, and certainly not make generalizations. Women and men are influenced by social stereotypes, but the validity of these stereotypes draws its strength mainly from faith and habit. It is much more correct to take the principle “if you are in his interest, do not lie to him” and put it this way: “If you are in his interest, stop believing in stories …”

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