What does the way of holding hands says about your relationship?

Those of you who have ever really fallen in love and remember how he felt his heart pounding in his chest and a feeling of flying butterflies in his stomach, probably also remember the first time he held hands with the person who loved his soul. Walking side by side, hand in hand, is a small but exciting gesture that stays with us from the first moment we are together as a couple until the last moment. But know that the form of attachment that is prevalent in you can mark a lot about the nature of your relationship, and where it is at, whether you have been together for many years or whether you have only recently started a relationship. So that you can read between the different signs, we bring you the 7 most common forms of holding hands, and interpret what each form says about the nature of the relationship.

couple holding hands
  1. The pair of hands are combined with the palms facing down While this is the most traditional and common form of grip, one in which you will see most couples go together during the day, it has something that is not too strenuous, one that may indicate that on some level your relationship is based on affection only, and has become devoid of sincere and genuine passion. In addition, if only one of you pulls the other’s palm down, it can reveal him as having a stronger personality, enterprising, decisive and dominant in a relationship.
palms facing down
  1. Fingers locked together
    When your fingers are locked in each other’s grip, you can clearly see that the bond between you is strong and has a central component of passion and mutual attraction, and this is perhaps the most positive and meaningful grip. But remember, when holding hands in this way it is important for both parties to hold each other’s hand, because if one side holds the other’s hand loosely, this should raise certain question marks about the nature of the relationship.
fingers locked together
  1. Little finger grip
    If you are one of those couples who hold each other’s fingernails, with the rest of the hand completely loose, this may indicate your preference for personal independence from your partner. On the one hand, this type of grip can signal that your relationship is a bit loose, when it may be that one of the parties, or even both of you, is interested in slowing down or taking a step back in the relationship. On the other hand, it is important to say that this does not automatically indicate complete distance; Quite a few times such a grip can prove to the world quite the opposite: that you know how to respect each other’s space and privacy, and thus your relationship grows, strengthens, intensifies and becomes unique, and therefore it all depends on the attitude.
Little finger grip
  1. “Reinforcement” from the other hand
    When your handshake receives additional “reinforcement” from the other hand of one of the parties, which adds to the joint holding also a perception of the arm or wrist, this is usually a positive sign: the bond between you is very close and the desire and mutual desire to be together brings you closer to a strong desire for union. More than just a handshake. At the same time, unfortunately, there can also be a second and less positive side to pay attention to: if the spouse suddenly holds you that way, there is a possibility that he fears you are not loyal to him, or that there is a connection to ownership instead of love and mutual respect.
"Reinforcement" from the other hand
  1. Crossed arms
    This type of grip, incorporates a certain sense of formality, ritual and solemnity, and indeed it is common to see it when couples come together for some social event, such as a wedding. But if you are a couple who hold hands like this on a daily basis, it may actually indicate that you are looking for some greater protection, reinforcement or support than usual from your partner, or that you feel a little insecure about this relationship.
Crossed arms
  1. Hold the fingers and gently pull the hand
    If you hold each other’s hand, and suddenly one of you pulls his hand back towards his body, even if it’s gently and sort of a feeling that “no one is noticing”, it signifies that the two of you, it seems, are not on an equal footing in their marital relationship. Such behavior should raise a lot of red flags and signals in front of both of you: it could be that someone here is making too reckless decisions, or that one of the spouses is tired of the normal routine of a relationship, and needs to check if this is true.
Hold the fingers and gently pull the hand
  1. No holding hands at all
    It is hard to say that there is any good sign in not holding hands at all. When one spouse decides he or she does not want to hold the other’s hand, or even if the two of you suddenly decide to stop holding hands, there is a strong signal here about the deterioration in the quality of the relationship, and there is no way to escape it. It may be that the lack of a handshake is related to the shyness or some desire for privacy of one of the parties, which is not necessarily related to the nature of the marital system, but in most cases it is not. If your partner is no longer interested in holding hands you should be aware of this, try to talk to him and understand his reasons, and pay close attention if there is any problem in the relationship.
No holding hands at all


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