What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible?

Many women wonder – What makes a woman magnetic and irresistible? lets dig deeper; The theory is that we, the women, are attracted to those who play it hard to get, and the literature says that men, love bitches . Still, isn’t it time we all stopped playing?
What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible
What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible?

“So what, do you come here a lot?”, An anonymous person asked me on the Bumble app, making me regret the moment I even dared to try. Bumblebee is a dating app born after ‘Tinder’, and its novelty is that once a match is made (you know, two swipes to the right that create one big Like), the girl has to take the first step, and she only has 24 hours to do it.

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I will not lie, the pressure was felt. Anyway – what I got to do with opening sentences? But after a deep breath, a tequila chaser and years of copywriting, I did so and sent a message to the cute guy I had a match with.

So far, so good. The cutie read the post, complimented me on the opening sentence (Honestly? Right. I even surprised myself), and we started chatting. We saw that there was something to talk about, and we decided to move to a more convenient platform – WhatsApp, its name will be praised forever.

The correspondence was fluid, after which we moved on to a video call (anyway, Corona Time), and for a moment I forgot that there are douches in the world. The next day he rang, right on the morning (which was very cute on his part, but fate wanted and I was just in the middle of writing an article).

I wrote to him that I was busy and we would talk later. I called towards noon, but the cutie, who probably learned from the best, filtered my call, and returned me a cool WhatsApp message – “Busy”.

I was not excited. From the vast experience I have gained in advanced ego games, I have already understood the vibe. Still, I sent him a smile and continued with the routine of my life (which includes a binge on Netflix, mostly). Hours later, when he “vacated,” it was I who disappeared, and I have not returned to him since.

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible
What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible?

Why am I telling you all this? To say enough, really enough. The theory is that we, the women, are attracted to those who play it hard to get, and the literature says that you, the men, love bitches. Still, isn’t it time to stop playing?

Seriously, I find myself, a 35-year-old girl who works in an “adults job”, rents an apartment alone, owns a car and serially orders at Wolt (in the field of cooking I failed, I will not lie), wasting the time I have on trying to decipher different emojis for Hours.

And not with myself, yes? With my best friend, a marketing communications manager with a master’s degree in business administration and specializing in organizational consulting, who even she can not tell me whether a regular smiley indicates coolness or maybe he is actually smiling and kicking.

By the way, emojis are really our smallest trouble in the dating world. Where are the response times? Entire cabinet meetings are held every evening around the country, during which the right time to respond to a message during the flirtation phase is calculated together.

“If he sends a message, open it to make it look blue, but do not answer him straight away. Show him you’re busy. Let him cook for about two or three hours. Still, do not forget that he dried you yesterday” – “wins” an advice I get At least twice a week. And yes, I admit, I’m guilty of this game too.

What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible
What Makes A Woman Magnetic And Irresistible?

There is also the “Great Question Mark Law”, which explicitly states that if the guy is the one who initiated the message after a long period of more than three days of disappearance, the, AKA girl, responds to him in short words, and God forbid does not end the message with a question mark, to That he, who we do not know, will not think for the moment that you are still thinking about him or interested in his well-being.

Of course we, the women, are preparing for any scenario. In those emergency meetings we have with ourselves or with our best friends, we run a variety of options for messages that the guy may send. But you know what it’s like, a woman is making plans and God is sitting and laughing.

What happens if the guy sends you a message you were not prepared for? Telegram friends, telegram. If you thought Telegram was used to order drugs, know that this is a cover story. Telegram was programmed so that it could be switched to in moments of distress when you encounter an unplanned message or emoji that you could not decipher, and you can not log into WhatsApp because then it will say that you are connected, so you raise the issue in an emergency text to friends in the competing app.

And as with weaning sweets, in this case too I promise myself that next time will be different. That I will not give a hand to these games, but somehow it keeps repeating itself. It is said that it takes two to tango, which means that even if I decide that I am avoiding this foreplay and not sexy, I will almost always find myself being drawn into it reluctantly by the other side.

And now show me one single man in the world who will say that after all these games he still has the strength, motivation, desire to go on a date.

Because between us, if at the correspondence stage I expend so much energy, sweat from stress, try to calculate times and make sure not to stay connected on WhatsApp too much (“he needs to understand that you have a life”), you do not want to know what happens on the date itself. And fair, neither do I. I am just tired of the thought. Must have a noon nap.

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