What Men Like In Women – 9 Odd Things!

A lot of women wonder – What men like in women?

Women always want to look great. In pursuit of the perfect look, they exhaust themselves in diet training and spend a great deal of money on beauty. And meanwhile, most men love their wives precisely because of their shortcomings. Let’s see, what do men really like and try to answer the question of what men like in women:

what men like in women
What men like in women
  1. Naturalness
    A woman who behaves naturally and does not make an effort to look different, usually portrays herself as having high self-confidence and therefore more interesting and challenging. Never try to act like someone you are not, that lie will be revealed quicker than you think.
  1. Accent and speech style
    Women who speak differently from others, with a rolling accent or a special tone of voice, attract the attention of men because in the end they too love with their ears. I, for example got once a compliment over the phone that I have a unique sweet voice and it made me blush even before we met in real life!
  1. Fear
    Brave women is a trait that turns on, but sometimes a man needs someone he can save. Whether it’s a cockroach in the bath or a bad dream, or during a horror movie. And we, sometimes just need to be held and hugged tightly, to make the fears dissipate. Women must understand that men have this kind of Hero complex and it needs attention.
  1. Stretch marks
    Despite popular opinion, men are not really attracted to a smooth body like that of the models in magazines. The warm skin touch is much more radiant and who cares if there are some stretch marks or scars. Sometimes it shows a man that we are human. Once, I even got a compliment from an ex boyfriend that the stretch marks look like lightning tattoos and it’s really cool! for real!
  1. Towel on head
    We like to gather the wet hair inside the rolled-up towel for convenience, and the men just turn on from it. The towel tower on the head makes us look like fragile princesses and that’s cool. I dare you telling me that you knew that already!
  1. Workouts in the gym
    There is nothing sexier than a girl lifting weights or throwing a kettlebell up. Yes, precisely when we think we are sweating and not looking our best, as far as men are concerned – we are whole.A lot of men do hit on women in the gym, and that approval to the given fact. So start going to the gym to increase your odds with men!
  1. Healthy appetite
    A woman who eats is usually very attractive. There is a direct connection between food and sensuality, and once a man sees you eating a steak or hamburger, his thoughts will immediately wander to other districts entirely. It is a good reason to stop starving yourself on dates with lettuce salad. Plus, men might think models are hot, but in real life they prefer curvy women with “something to grab” – true story.
  1. Does not understand jokes
    Happens to all of us. Men just like to explain things to us. So don’t be shy to tell him that you did not understand the joke, men also enjoy this kind of naivety as a trait in a women. Never fear to ask anything, that’s how you can show you are a confident woman.
  1. Phone call from a drunk girl
    It drives them crazy and inflates their egos. Go understand. Or can we understand? Perhaps their main thought is that you are going out with your friends to a bar , having a few drinks, and when you’re drunk, instead of hitting on guys at the bar, you’re thinking about them!
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