What To Do On First Date? 10 Top Tips!

What to do on first date you ask? Read this; So you decided to go out. He looks good, works a neat job and sounds serious. From those you are not straight waving. Now comes the hard part: the first date. We all know that those two hours in the evening will determine whether you will see him again, and not by chance walking down the street but at your house, boiling water for morning coffee. For this to happen, we present you with ten simple rules to keep in mind during this nerve-wracking session – What to do on first date answered:
what to do on first date
What to do on first date?

Do not invest too much in clothing

As long as you know your date is not a stage show or a dinner at the Blue Rooster, there is no need to overdo it with a festive dress and blazer from Zara. Beautiful pants and a tank top will do the job. The most important thing is to feel comfortable with what you are wearing. Heels can also be given up, especially if you know he’s not that tall.

Do not ask him about things he has not yet had time to tell you

I think almost all of us understand what this is all about. After all, most of the girls in the country of USA have taken a crash course in the CIA and know how to find every detail. Instead, show interest and let him tell you in details about the story, you’d like to date a person who can communicate well I assume.

Be calm

Although it’s hard, stress is contagious and it means you both will be stressed and it’s not that much fun. Take a deep breath before you leave the house and concentrate on one thing – enjoy! Besides, if you’re nervous and he’s cool , he will easily sense it and it might not play in your favor.

Do not talk about your exes

Like the well-known proverb – what is hated for you do not do to your friends, and between us, every time they mention the word “ex” along with the word “mine” we feel like throwing the ashtray at them and go. Either of you should speak about exes, including yourself and never give the other side the feeling that you’re being compared to someone else or that you compare HIM to your exes.

Tell him about yourself

Your date needs to know what he’s getting into. And it will make him share too, which means – without embarrassing silences and stares at the cell phone clock. However, do not tell too much. Keep a little mystery, it will give him a reason to want to meet you again. In the other hand, make sure you don’t keep it TOO mysterious because it might raise some red flags for him and for you – like “why he’s not telling me where he lives? is he married?” , so make some basic information bright and clear.

Do not be afraid to eat

It’s just a rumor that it is forbidden to east, on the contrary! Men appreciate girls who can admit they crave for a good burger with french fries, don’t be a cliche and eat a salad, it might decrease your appeal point for him. Eat what you want and drink what you want, it’s not a pretending to be someone else game!

Do not laugh at his hobbies, even if it is requested

There is a situation where he is the world champion in steps (for real) and you have just crushed his ego to pieces. Oh, and your ride home too. You don’t have to be twins, it’s OK to have different hobbies and even so called “weird” ones.

Talk about anything that comes to mind, but except politics

Too bad those who sit next to you in a restaurant and will have to hear live why you should go back from Afghanistan to the US, while you are dying to go back to the borders of your home. And the truth is that there is no shortage of things to talk about, so it is worth and ideal leaving politics at home.

Do not insist on paying

You can express a desire to pay, make the “I take money out of my wallet” movement, or offer to put the tip, but if he objects, flow with it – it turns out that it hurts their masculinity. Besides, you can always give a little wink and say “next time is on me” which will give him a thick hint you are into him and there is a next time!

Most importantly, do not disqualify at the beginning.

Even if as soon as he opens the car door for you and you realize it’s not it, and you really want to go back to the couch and Netflix, give it a chance, there’s a situation where you’ll be surprised. Ok so he does not look like a movie star , but his inner soul might be beautiful and you will miss it by disqualifying at first sight


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