Why my husband cheated on me? 1 Reason I know of.

The night I found out my husband was cheating on me

Many women ask this question – Why my husband cheated on me? it’s not your fault all the time, please read our piece to find out.
Something in the tone of this foreign man’s speech made me stop the automatic response and reply to him that I was personally at the incident of work.
“You live in the movie,” he said, “he is with my wife, and when she comes back I intend to confront her about it. I suggest you do a home inspection.”
Why my husband cheated on me
“Why my husband cheated on me…”

It started like a normal evening – we both lie on the bed in front of the TV as it broadcasts another absurd and ridiculous reality, when my dear personal started kissing my neck. It was oppressive, and I wondered what excuse I would find this time to interrupt the act of love.

As his hands began to slip into my shirt and I turned my head towards him to crack a harmless white lie, his phone rang. We ignored it. It rang again, and we ignored again. When it rang for the third time I looked at the screen to see if the number was familiar and maybe something had happened. But the screen showed that the number was blocked.

It was clear that the semi-romantic moment had been ruined. I asked my man to answer, but he refused. As the phone kept ringing, I lost my patience and answered it myself. It was quiet for a second and I had already come to disconnect when the voice from the other side asked: “Am I talking to his wife?”. I answered yes, and then he dropped the bomb – “Your husband is having an affair with my wife. Do you know where he is now?”

I wanted to shoot back and tell him he was pathetic. After all, my dear husband is lying next to me, watching reality with hollow eyes of disinterest and waiting for us to return to the act of love that was bluntly stopped.

I do not know if my demonstrable reluctance to return to the feigned love act or the one-time opportunity heard on the other end of the line intrigued me, but something in the tone of this foreign man’s speech made me stop the automatic response and reply that he was at a work’s event . “You live in the movie,” he said, “he is with my wife. And when she comes back, I intend to confront her about it. I suggest you do a home inspection.”

“Are you sure about that?” I asked, looking at my partner’s face lying next to me, wondering if I had put my trust in the wrong person, or if it was one big mistake. The very dilemma made me uncomfortable. “I would not call him and make fun of myself if I was not sure,” he replied confidently. “I asked for the details of her calls, and your husband’s phone is starring there for all days and hours. That’s how I got the number.”

why my husband cheated on me
“Why my husband cheated on me!?”

My heart was pounding fast. It was the moment, the moment of decision: to be or to cease. In a split second I put the phone on a speaker, and said, “So based on your wife’s call details, are you convinced she’s having an affair with my husband?”. Had it been possible to describe in words, and I am quite good at words, the leap of my dear husband from our common bed,

I would have done so happily, but the speed of the leap and the expression on his face were too great to describe with words. “I have no doubt about that,” he replied, “and I do not intend to go over it on the agenda,” he continued in his threat. “I suggest you have a similar conversation with your husband. Look, you have been warned,” he finished too dramatically and hung up the phone.

Sitting on the bed in those seconds, I looked at the disconnected smartphone and feverish thoughts raced through my mind. Is this possible? Was there an affair behind my back ?! I raised my head to him and it looked like his breath caught. “Do you have anything to say about the conversation I just had?” I asked quietly. “I have no idea what this is about,” he replied quickly.

“Doesn’t that seem ridiculous to you?” He continued. “He did not even identify. I think it’s a mistake. What, do not tell me it sounds serious to you,” he laughed. I did not know if his laughter indicated nervousness or innocence. “To me it sounds very serious, and I in your place would take it very seriously. He’s going to confront his wife and you do not know what’s going to happen there. I do not understand how you can be so calm.”

It was funny to say that, because the last thing that could be said about him at that moment was that he was calm. “I can be completely calm because I have nothing to hide,” he replied with excessive confidence and sat down next to me in bed. “Weren’t we in the middle of something?”, He asked, approaching me.

Unbelievable, I thought to myself. For one moment I did not think I would find myself in such a situation. Reality surpasses all imagination, I thought to myself and smiled. My dear spouse interpreted the smile as an invitation to continue his actions, when I put my hands on his chest, moved him away from me, looked into his eyes and said in a firm and clear voice: “I want a divorce.”

I did not get an answer to the question “why my husband cheated on me”, but at least I put an end to it and wrote about it.

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