Would You Marry A Bad Kisser?

Are bad kisses a deal breaker when it comes to long term relationships?

The romantic kiss suggests closeness, and when done right is like a spell. In a study conducted by Corey Floyd and colleagues, 52 married people or those in a romantic relationship must increase their kissing frequency over the six weeks of the experiment. Compared to the control group that did not increase the number of kisses, the experimental group had an improvement in stress level, relationship satisfaction and even cholesterol level. It turns out that kissing is a certain type of communication that improves physical, mental and social well-being.

6 Quality Kissing Tips

“The man’s first kisses are a clear indication of the future of the relationship.” Divorced woman

“The kisses with him always captivated me. I devoted myself to his kisses, and he taught me to open my eyes and look straight into his eyes when he kissed me. I married the best kisser ever.” A woman married to her third husband

A good kiss involves the physical technique – which is a teachable technique, as well as a mental technique that relates to what to say when kissing and how and when to say it. But the most important factor is the quality of love.

Although there is no proper kissing guide, here are some tips that can offer direction:

1. Look into the spouse’s eyes.

2. Learn the spouse’s kissing style, sometimes letting the other side lead.

3. Caressing the back or neck can add to the pleasant feeling.

4. Gently bite, there are those who like it.

5. Feel the other side.

6. Tell your spouse that they are good kissers.

Although these techniques are valuable, the best technique is context and personality. For example, some people close their eyes before touching their lips, and some claim, like the married woman quoted above, that kissing with open eyes is very irritating.

couple kissing

Open and close

In my book, “Love, Almost The Whole Story,” I discuss the role of eyes in sexual activity, and argue that for many people, combining eye-closing with their supervision is the winning formula. For example, a married woman says, “When having sex with my lover, I do both: Opens and closes my eyes. I like to look at how he penetrates me, and I close my eyes when I feel so good and approach orgasm.” Such a combination seems to be optimal in the context of romantic kissing as well: opening your eyes creates an initial thrill, and as the thrill increases and gets closer to orgasm, closing your eyes can be beneficial.

The crux of the kissing art is the quality of love. Technique can help for a short period, but technique does not replace love. Romantic kissing is more than an activity of the lips — it expresses a romantic stance that can affect both sexual desire and deep love. This is because kissing is a kind of penetration into the spouse’s body. Like sexual penetration, the tongue not only penetrates the partner’s mouth, but also his heart.

What’s more, the kissing may be far more intimate than sex penetration. In the movie “Beautiful Woman,” for example, the kiss is the red line of the woman in prostitution, and for her, a kiss is just love. Indeed, sometimes escort girls do not kiss, but have sex with the client. Romantic kissing combines the sensitive with the penetrating, and the romantic with the sexual. It involves a psychological connection through a game that is both fun and serious.

Most people remember their first kiss better than their first intercourse. Research has found that women and men found themselves attracted to someone, and it was only when they kissed him that they lost interest in him. Gordon Gallup argues that in the moment of kissing there is a complex process of transmitting information that includes signals from the sensation of feeling, adjusting stability, sense of smell and even the replacement of saliva. There are mechanisms that work in the plane that we are not aware of, which signal to the conclusion if the spouse is right for us.

Marry A Bad Kisser

Here are random answers women gave to the question – Will you marry a bad kisser?

“It seems not. This is the first contact and as it is clueless, it implies a mismatch and it is appropriate to withdraw already at this stage.”

“I’m pretty sure the answer is no. I realized that I really enjoy kissing, which is very important to me.”

“I don’t think so. I’ve never been to more than one meeting with a bad kisser. Life’s too short to be bad kissers.

“No, I can’t be serious with someone I don’t think is a good guy. I think the kiss says a lot about the chemistry between us and it’s very important to me. I like to kiss and get along. And I have to enjoy it. “

“In the past, I’ve sometimes had the patience to teach kissing, but at 30? No. I’m sorry. It might make me a bitch, but I don’t want to teach anyone to kiss. I want sexual attraction at the first kiss.”

“Would I marry a man who did not know how to kiss? A difficult question. I had already had sex with guys who kissed badly and yet were good in bed, so apparently only in such a case I would agree.”

“I will not marry a bad kisser; the kiss is if all went on. But on the other hand, here I am dating someone who refuses to kiss me and does not do oral sex.”

“The way a man kisses, to me, indicates his ability to read a woman, to respond sensitively to cues from her, and even to aggressive or hesitant behavior. Even if he learns to kiss right – it’s hard to teach him to approach right, to be a man who understands a woman’s complexity.”

“To the exit? Sure it is. To marry? Hell no. In the same way, I will not marry someone who is bad at oral sex. I am sure there is a high correlation between the years.”

“I don’t think I’ll marry a bad kisser. I don’t have to be buzzing all the time, but I’ll be off at the beginning. The only exception I might agree on is if The man is extremely rich. I can get by with a bad kisser for financial security for the rest of my life.”

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Gender Differences

Kissing is important for both men and women, but it is evident that women give more importance to it. Studies have found that women are more likely than men to kiss after sex, and men are more likely than women to kiss before sex. The men’s kisses are more purposeful in the sense that they are more related to achieving the goal. After sex women are more likely to initiate activities that strengthen the relationship, such as sleeping together. Men promote activity that increases the likelihood of further sexual activity.

Women give great importance to kissing also in the context of maintaining lasting relationships. Women, more than men, use kissing as an important measure of their spouse’s appreciation and intimacy. Men are less selective in deciding who to kiss and who to have sexual relations with. They are more willing to have sex without kissing, have sex with someone they are not attracted to, and have sex with a bad kiss.

The higher value women usually give to lasting relationships makes them more important to kisses and especially to those who strengthen these relationships and are not just a tool for sex. Kissing, then, is a mechanism for strengthening bond and also for enhancing sexual arousal.

In summary, kissing is probably the physical activity that comes closest to the loving heart. Therefore, it is important for our desire to marry a good kisser. It is no fun kissing cold lips linked to a frozen heart. But deciding whether to marry a bad guy depends on the factors related to the nature of the kiss, like how bad the kiss is, whether the art of kissing is being studied, the weight of kissing in the romantic love complex, and the quality of your kissing. Other relevant factors relate to other features of the spouse such as: outdoor performance, personality, smartness, money and performance in bed. All of this can compensate, to some extent, for being a badly-kissed spouse.

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